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Three major drawbacks in refrigeration equipment industry

by:Arkool     2020-03-31
< p> refrigeration equipment is now widely used in many different fields, different industries on the equipment specification also have different requirements. As the industry expansion, target to the requirement of refrigeration equipment also becomes more and more high, from the current situation, China's refrigeration industry there are still a lot of disadvantages, its performance for the three points. < / p> < p> 1, independent research and development technology gap at present, our country some refrigeration manufacturers have some refrigeration company established cooperation with Europe and the United States, but the technology with the European and American manufacturers, many domestic manufacturers of these advanced technologies to absorb in a timely manner. In the field of the rapid development of industry, refrigeration industry in our country some vendors contact with Europe and the United States is relatively early, in the mid - 1980 - s, we began to prepare the introduction of Europe and the United States advanced refrigeration technology, and set up a lot of refrigeration joint venture, but so far, China's refrigeration industry technology to the development of other industries to provide more demand, especially some high-end technology products we still cannot independent research and development, need to be imported from abroad. < / p> 2, refrigeration industry talent lack < p> China's refrigeration industry without a specification standard, these standards makes refrigeration industry overall quality is low, compared with other domestic industries, the current domestic refrigeration industry talent serious lack, cultivate the refrigeration technicians anxious. < / p> 3, a strong sense of foreign brands depend on the < p> as a result of the domestic backward technology, insufficient funds, personnel training, not value, these phenomena cause domestic brands through the unknown. As everybody knows, refrigeration compressor refrigeration equipment for important parts, but the personage inside course of study mentioned compressor, people first think of is the valley of wheel, wheel, Germany bitzer such as brand, the quality of company products, refrigeration technology is outstanding, is the industry market leader position. < / p> < p> now cooling technology of domestic enterprises to make their products can better sales in the market, always with the slogan 'our products adopt is the valley of the compressor refrigeration compressor, Germany' ', so go down for a long time, in Chinese minds of foreign products is good, and domestic brands of compressor will be even more 'darkness', so in order to refrigeration equipment industry to better development, we need to constantly improve my own shortcomings, let refrigeration equipment in China is getting better and better. < / p> < p> < / p>
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