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Refrigerant R22 Refrigerant In The Market With "Fake" Spurious

Refrigerant R22 Refrigerant In The Market With "Fake" Spurious


In a refrigeration engineering, due to the poor heat transfer effect, experts have spent a great deal of time and effort, the cold storage, cold storage engineering design installation, adjustment made a comprehensive analysis of each link, eliminate heat exchanger structure and performance, doubt perfusion R22 refrigerant has a problem.Back to normal manufacturer buy bottled R22 again after filling effect is improved obviously.Expert judgment, therefore, the market appeared "fake" R22 refrigerant.   

Due to individual manufacturer backward production technology, product quality control is lax, causing unqualified purity of R22 into the market, the existence of non azeotropic by-products, will make the whole process of phase change of the refrigerant cycle was badly damaged by heat transfer capacity and air plug, condensing temperature on the high side and change the condition of heat collapse.What is more alarming, some impurities in the refrigerant is flammable, it brings certain security hidden danger to the user.  

By the specialized agencies, sampling inspection, in which three cans of "fake" R22 bottle inside respectively detected a fluoride, chloride methane (CClFH2) and methyl chloride (CClH3), one of the methyl chloride in two cans of sampling gas content as high as 84% and 84 respectively.Refrigeration express reporter found in consulting, a fluoride, chloride methane and methyl chloride are R22 the by-product in the process of production, with incomplete substitution reaction by-products of R22, due to the partial pressure, under a certain total pressure the gas liquid two phase of the actual temperature and the pressure corresponding to the saturation temperature appear large deviation, lead to actual heat exchange effect is deviating from the design point, thus severely reduce the heat transfer performance, the entire project stalled and repeatedly, waste a great deal of energy and financial resources.

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