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The Use Of Refrigerant And Maintenance Matters Needing Attention

The Use Of Refrigerant And Maintenance Matters Needing Attention


Refrigerant refrigeration unit is directly related to the nature of the refrigeration effect, economy, safety and operation management, thus understanding of refrigerants properties requirements cannot be ignored.The following is the use of refrigerant and maintenance matters needing attention:

1, used for refrigerant instrument, equipment and measuring tool cannot and swap with R - 12, as if in the refrigerant mixed with R - 12 can make the compression surface damage, and may also use the instrument and the equipment damage.

2, refrigerant and R - 12 refrigerant refrigeration oil can not be mixed, because refrigerant R - 12 refrigeration system of refrigerant oil are incompatible.R - 12 refrigeration system using home-made 18, 25 frozen oil or Japanese SUNISO3GS, SUNISO4GS, SUNISO5GS frozen oil, and coolant system generally USES the synthesis of Poly (alkyl Glycol, namely the PAG (Polyalokylene Glycol) oil or polyester (Poly real Ester) oil.

3, maintenance refrigeration system a good safety protective glasses and gloves should be worn when, avoid by all means let the liquid refrigerant in contact with the skin, particularly in the hands and eyes, in order to prevent frostbite.

4, the same as PAG oil and refrigerant in high temperature and low temperature zone will produce two layers of separation separation (both) phenomenon, therefore, need to put it on hold when charging refrigerant heating hot water in the container, but not more than 40 ℃ temperature is absolutely forbidden to use heating burner type of heating equipment, to try to prevent two layers of separation phenomenon, so as not to bring compressor exhaust pressure and cooling effects.

5, refrigerant systems must use special seal and seal, the use of cooling oil can make the R - 12 system using the blister sealing ring and gasket failure, resulting in refrigerant leakage.

6, when charging refrigerant, should keep containers of refrigerant in the upright position, ensure the refrigerant gas way to enter the system, otherwise, the refrigerant may by liquid into the compression surface, make the compressor damage, in addition, the filling operation must be conducted in the place where the air circulation, in case the operator has choked on the cylinder oxygen.

7, reservoir dryer (or gas-liquid separator) must be sealed, the installation must quickly;Otherwise, dryer air into the reservoir (or gas-liquid separator) after will make desiccant temperature absorption ability is abate, even failure.

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