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Refrigerant gas foreign trade situation

Refrigerant gas foreign trade situation


Environmental trend impact: With the increasing global attention to climate change and environmental issues, traditional high energy consumption and high pollution refrigerants are gradually being phased out, and new environmentally friendly refrigerants have become the mainstream in the market. The Chinese government is also promoting the use of green, low-carbon, and efficient refrigerants to reduce refrigerant leakage and promote the recycling of related materials

China's position in the global market: China is the country with the fastest growth in HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) production capacity, ranking first in the world in terms of HFCs production, consumption, and export, accounting for about 68% of production. 




Policy control: China has implemented an import and export license system for HFCs. According to the Kigali Amendment, starting from November 1, 2021, enterprises engaged in HFCs import and export business are required to apply for import and export licenses and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

Industry competition pattern: The competition in China's refrigerant industry is becoming Technological progress and market expansion: Excellent enterprises in the industry continuously improve their competitiveness and market share through technological innovation, product research and development, and market expansion. The support of government policies and the growth of market demand also provide opportunities and challenges for the future development of the refrigerant industry.

In summary, the current foreign trade situation of China's refrigerant industry is driven by environmental protection policies, with new environmentally friendly refrigerants gradually becoming the mainstream of the market. At the same time, China occupies an important position in the global refrigerant market, but also faces challenges in policy control and market competition.

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