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Acceptance Of High Cost Block New Air Conditioning Refrigerant Demonstration Line Marketing

Acceptance Of High Cost Block New Air Conditioning Refrigerant Demonstration Line Marketing


Air conditioning industry by cold media (also known as refrigerant) change which caused by the replacement is widening.(17 December) yesterday, reporters learned that midea air-conditioning the UN multilateral fund new refrigerant enthusiastic about formal acceptance, it is also the Montreal multilateral fund on a global scale of the first new refrigerant R290 demonstration line.

It is reported, by the first production of the air conditioning will be comprehensive use of R290 refrigerants, to replace the previous R22 refrigerant.Because of R22 refrigerant have damage to the ozone layer, the industry has been seeking more environmentally friendly refrigerant, R290 with the most popular varieties selected.

Previously, gree electric appliances R290 refrigerant air conditioning production line has started production, and products are exported to foreign markets.In September this year, haier, chunlan, changhong, hisense, and other 13 enterprises with the ministry of foreign cooperation center signed an agreement of transformation of R290 air-conditioning production line.

Analysts pointed out that R290 replace R22 is the trend of The Times, so at present each big enterprise in the grab the commanding heights, but the comprehensive cost of the former is higher than the latter, in the short term is difficult to become the market mainstream.
Air conditioning enterprises are R290 "hug"

The United Nations industrial development organization (unido) refrigeration department manager Ole ', according to Nielsen R290 air-conditioning production line reconstruction of the beauty, not only will make a demonstration for domestic air conditioner manufacturing enterprise, also can be as reference for other countries.

At present, the products are widely used as refrigerant R22, air conditioning as part of the hydrogen CFCS (HCFCs) refrigerants, has damage to the ozone layer.

In order to protect the ozone layer, concluded the Montreal protocol in 1991 in China, and phasing out the total CFCS and halons, carbon tetrachloride and methyl chloroform four main ozone-depleting substances.In September 2007, the Montreal protocol 19th held the conference of the parties, the developed countries and developing countries will eliminate containing hydrogen CFCS matter schedule is for ten years in advance.This year, specific to China, hydrogen CFCS material output and consumption may not grow, cuts to 10% by 2015, a 35% cut in 2020, a 67.5% cut in 2025, to 2030, besides a small amount (2.5%) used in refrigeration maintenance fully eliminated.As a result, new environmental protection refrigerant study became a pressing task.

In 2010, the world's first UN R290 Montreal multilateral fund production line - "guangdong midea refrigeration equipment co., LTD., room air conditioner manufacturing process using propane to replace R22 technical transformation demonstration project" has been approved.In July 2011, the United States R32, R290, R161 three new environmental protection refrigerant technology and application of key technology research project formally approved identification.That month, gree air-conditioners article of the world's first R290 demonstration line duly completed.

Liang Zhenpeng appliances analyst told the reporters, air-conditioning manufacturing enterprises have been exploring the next generation of refrigerants, such as the beautiful air conditioning has developed three new refrigerant, gree last August has also successfully developed R32 refrigerant air conditioning.

As part of the transition to replace R22 refrigerant R410a in widespread use, currently on the market in our country "cfc-free air-conditioning" is the refrigerant used.R410a no damage to the ozone layer, but the "greenhouse effect" is still significant, R290, R32, R161 this three kinds of refrigerants is no effect on the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect QianZhi (GWP), R290 is 3, R32 was $650, the R161 about 10.From this perspective, the environmental impact of R290 is minimal.

In this year, with 13 air conditioning and signing of compressor enterprise with the ministry of foreign cooperation center, midea air-conditioning enthusiastic about the completion of the renovation as the main variety of alternatives to R22 refrigerant R290, be determined.

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