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Three comparisons of refrigerant R410A R32 R290

Three comparisons of refrigerant R410A R32 R290


1. Comparison between R32 and R410A

  1. The charge volume of R32 is less, only 0.71 times of R410A. The working pressure of R32 system is higher than that of R410A, but the maximum increase is not more than 2.6%, which is equivalent to the pressure requirements of R410A system. At the same time, the exhaust temperature of R32 system is higher than R410A The maximum rise is up to 35.3 ° C.

  2. The ODP value (ozone-depleting potential value) is 0, but the GWP value (global warming potential value) of R32 refrigerant is moderate. Compared with R22, the CO2 emission reduction ratio can reach 77.6%, while R410A is only 2.5%. It is significantly better than R410A refrigerant in reducing CO2 emissions.

  3. Both R32 and R410A refrigerants are non-toxic, while R32 is flammable, but among R22, R290, R161, and R1234YF, R32 has the highest lower combustion limit LFL (lower ignition limit), which is relatively incombustible. However, it is still a flammable and explosive refrigerant, and there have been many accidents in recent years, and the performance of R410A is more stable.

  4. In terms of theoretical cycle performance, the cooling capacity of the R32 system is 12.6% higher than that of the R410A, the power consumption is increased by 8.1%, and the overall energy saving is 4.3%. The experimental results also show that the cooling system using the R32 has a slightly higher energy efficiency ratio than the R410A. Comprehensive consideration of R32 has greater potential to replace R410A.

  2. Comparison between R32 and R290

  1. The charging volume of R290 and R32 is relatively small, the ODP value is 0, the GWP value is also much smaller than R22, the safety level of R32 is A2, and the safety level of R290 is A3.

  2. R290 is more suitable for medium and high temperature air-conditioning systems than R32. The pressure-resistant design of R32 is higher than that of R290. The flammability of R32 is much lower than that of R290. The cost of safety design is low.

  3. The dynamic viscosity of R290 is less than R32, and the pressure drop of its system heat exchanger is less than R32, which helps to improve the efficiency of the system.

  4. R32 unit volume cooling capacity is about 87% higher than R290. R290 system should use a larger displacement compressor under the same refrigeration capacity.

  5. R32 has a higher exhaust temperature, and the pressure ratio of the R32 system is about 7% higher than that of the R290 system, and the overall energy efficiency ratio of the system is about 3.7%.

  6. The pressure drop of the R290 system heat exchanger is less than R32, which helps to improve the system performance. However, its flammability is far greater than R32, and the investment in safety design is higher.

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