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How To Repair Refrigerant Heat Exchanger?

How To Repair Refrigerant Heat Exchanger?


Next is to introduce the refrigerant heat exchanger bonding repair, if you are interested in, then and see it together:

1, the choice of adhesive, according to the working environment of refrigerant, the selection of adhesive should have good seal performance, room temperature curing speed, good water resistance, high bonding strength, resistance to temperature of 120 ℃, in boiling water for 4 h strength without too big change, and soak in water for a long time still can maintain its good sealing performance.

2, design formula of refrigerant adhesives.

3, the surface treatment: wash the decontamination with acetone, and fine grinding gently, then clean with acetone.

4, glue, glue and leakage after stir, use fine glass fiber cloth and adhesive to repair the screeding.

5, cure: under the high temperature heat curing after 4 h, reoccupy infrared lamp bake for 12 h.

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