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The risk research of refrigerant AHRI began to A3

by:Arkool     2020-06-30
The United States AHRI ( Air conditioning heating and refrigeration association) In commercial and home air conditioning and refrigeration applications, the study of propane refrigeration leak and fire risk. Earlier in the year of the end of the A2L refrigerant leakage and fire risk research is completed, AHRI AHRTI research institutions begin to pay close attention to A3 refrigerants R290 ( Propane) The research. In order to better understand the use of refrigerant A3 risk, the second phase of the study will be carried out under the condition of the whole room leak and fire risk. The experiment will be UL ( Insurers experiments, Underwriters & # 39; 实验室) To carry out. The project was funded by the California air resources board ( CARB) But also to AHRI, ASHRAE ( The American association of heating, air conditioning and refrigeration engineer) , CARB and the office of energy ( DOE) Support the flammable refrigerant research project. The goal of the project is aimed at the application of propane and flammable refrigerant to establish a solid practical foundation.
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