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The dangers of refrigerant selection error

by:Arkool     2020-07-01
As you know, for each refrigeration equipment, the refrigerant is very important, can say is indispensable; It can reach the effect of refrigeration refrigeration equipment, at present, a lot of types of refrigerants. But that there is no lack of among them there are a lot of the inferior products, because long refrigerant lack of strength, there is sense of responsibility in the field of large enterprises, coupled with the imperfect refrigerant sales channels on the market, so that part of the fish in troubled waters of refrigerant is filled with the market. Don't overlook the problem, because it not only affects the operation of the freezer and work efficiency, also has a lot of damage to businesses and consumers, so inferior refrigerant exactly what harm? Just like below small make up together and see it! 1. Counterfeit refrigerants are often the product of some small workshops, the indicators are short of requirements. Too much acid ion and sulfur ions will accelerate the corrosion of freezers conduction tube, if you use the aluminium tube corrosion speed will be very fast. 2. There is no precision formula ratio is not accurate,. Can cause unnecessary work load of compressor parts and damage. 3. Refrigerant is not used completely, make some harmful gases into the freezer, the consequences will be serious. 4. Refrigerant in the content of fluorine paint will cause leakage, harmful to the ozone layer to the survival of humans is very big. 5. Quality level can't afford to part of the mixed combustible gas, it is easy to cause freezer of fire and explosion accidents. But now particularly large refrigerants r21 to harm the ozone layer has been eliminated, now the most used mainly include everything, industrial refrigeration field refrigerant r410a and pollution-free, carefully distinguish consumers to buy. Choose the south refrigeration, make buy and sell a security.
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