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The correlation is introduced and the differences of all kinds of refrigerants

by:Arkool     2020-07-27
For air conditioning, refrigerator, these common appliances depend on the investment of refrigerant is also key, including the diversification of refrigeration equipment application, refrigerant has become an indispensable part of. Below will take you to learn about all kinds of refrigerants! ! ! ! 1, R22 refrigerant used widely in our country. Some professionals believed that if R123 could eventually release, so R22 release day is not far away, they are also trying to move, expect to R22 as environmental protection refrigerants, also thought from the aspects such as environmental protection, security, power, refrigerant R22 is one of the most outstanding, and the damage to the ozone layer, the greenhouse effect also is not only the influence of the refrigerant, cannot isolate, one-size-fits-all R22 screening. Some experts point out that in our country, our country can use R22 to 2040, was paid for political and social value, if required by some manufacturers now, early disable R22, impact on the economy is too big, refrigerant and smooth oil import demand, is our own irresponsible for yourself; Besides, now is not must R123 and the fate of R22. 2, R123 and R22, also is as kind of refrigerant, now some manufacturers, R123 as agent for the R22 preached. 3, R134a has a refrigerant was originally as agent for the R12 rendering, the thermal physical properties and unit volume near the refrigerating capacity and R12, now in the heat pump units and household refrigerator and other places has been widely used, in centrifugal chiller is the primary use everything for refrigerants. 4, R407C is made of 52%, 25%, 23% of R32 R125 and everything according to the quality of mixed percentage mixed refrigerants. 5, R410A is made up of 50% of R32 and 50% R125 in accordance with the quality of mixed percentage mixed refrigerants. 6, is made up of 44% of the R125 refrigerant R404A, 4% 52% of R143a, everything according to the quality of mixed percentage mixed refrigerants. 7, everything,, R407C, R404A, R410A, R507 when using, need use synthetic oil, for example, POE oil. 8、CFCs( CFCS chlorofluorocarbon) : all halide, excluding hydrogen molecules. 9、HCFCs( Hydrogen CFCS hydrochlorofluorocarbon) Together: part of halide molecule can contains hydrogen, chlorine and fluorine. 10、FC( Perfluorinated hydrocarbon fluorocarbon) : contains only carbon atoms in the molecule and fluorine atoms. 11、HFC( HFC hydrofluorocarbon) : no freon chlorine, hydrogen molecules in the part of halogenated, no damage to the ozone layer, the ODP = 0. Now easy cool part of the product supply adequate, years ago to inventory, and can be ready ahead of schedule, in case of price increases, ordering hotline:!
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