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Road of the refrigerant replacement, R290 with R32 who can win?

by:Arkool     2020-07-01
As people to protect the ozone layer and reduce greenhouse gas emissions attention more and more high, refrigerant replacement work is urgent. But for wide scope of the project involved, difficulty is big, so the choice of environmental protection refrigerants in all countries of the world is very carefully. International refrigerant alternative there are quite different two solutions, one of, is the United States, Japan and other countries have adopted the refrigerant R410A and R32, due to the higher GWP (but R410A 2088). , is only a transitional substitutes. And R32 refrigerant ( The ODP is 0, GWP is 675) , it is a delegate with daikin Japanese companies pushing for refrigerants, speed of the spread on a global scale to accelerate R32, daikin and even in emerging countries free of patent application, daikin currently in Japan, India, Russia, Spain, Taiwan and other countries and regions have appeared in the promotion of effect. The second alternative, in China and Germany, Sweden and other countries in Europe as a representative of R290 ( The ODP is 0, GWP < 20) Refrigerant, it is called & other; Has the development potential of the environmental protection refrigerants & throughout; 。 Wang lei, vice director of China's household electrical appliances association have been interpreted R290 used in air conditioning is superior performance compared with other refrigerants. She said: & other; Currently, the main Chinese room air conditioner used in refrigerants of R22 and R410A, emission levels for 1. 1 billion tons of CO2 equivalent, if all substitute R290, emissions will be reduced to 530000 tons of CO2 equivalent. ” Replace regulations in environmental protection refrigerants, Europe has released the F - 2014 Gas revised bill, speeds up the carbon emissions cuts, currently R290 existing market validation in the field of European mobile air conditioning and heat pump. China, as one of the main production countries in the global air conditioning, the choice of R290 refrigerants, will directly affect the global markets. Since 2007, China began a refrigerant R290 related research and development and trial work; In 2011, GMCC refrigerants R290 environmental protection air conditioning compressor line become a United Nations official signing Montreal multilateral fund demonstration line; On April 29, 2014, the national environmental protection announced subsidies for R290 air conditioning enterprise list and issued by the relevant measures; In April 2015, gree, haier announced R290 air conditioning, and the United States of R290 air conditioning has won China's first 3 CCC authentication certificate; In November 2014, GMCC R290 compressor Montreal multilateral fund demonstration project success through the acceptance of the United Nations; On June 28, 2015, sponsored by the department of environmental protection of domestic listed the first batch of R290 low carbon environmental protection air conditioning and campaign launching ceremony was held in shenzhen; In December 2015, GMCC R290 compressor successful delivery of a dc frequency converting air conditioner Godrej India. Ministry of environmental protection, director of the center for international cooperation WenWuRui said that in the future, China will further increase the use of air conditioning refrigerant R290 production line reconstruction demonstration pilot efforts. If the size of the from alternative, R290 is the winner. But from the refrigerant itself, according to the standard requirements, filled volume of the R32 allowed ten times than R290 loose, its application is wider, but R32 and there are high GWP value problems. These two kinds of refrigerants have their own advantages and disadvantages, so, what kind of future refrigerant will win out, is still pending issues. “ Whether our customers choose precisely what kind of refrigerant, we all have the corresponding compressor products for choice, & throughout; The relevant person in charge of GMCC said: & other; Product has been completed 1 - GMCC R290 compressor 3 HP's development and the GMCC is the world's first official launch R32 refrigerant compressor and implement mass production enterprises. ” Refrigerant replacement as a global important work, need cooperation between governments, businesses, the common solution to replace the way of promotion, technology and installation problem, only in this way can truly realize the green low-carbon life, make contributions to human development, realize sustainable development.
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