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Refrigeration products manufacturers fraud methods and origin, how to distinguish and avoid fraud refrigeration products?

by:Arkool     2020-06-25
According to the statistics, fully 15% of China's electricity consumption occupied by a refrigeration, increasing demand for refrigeration products. But the fraud is a serious refrigeration products, refrigeration product fraud means what? Manufacturer and origin? As a consumer how to distinguish the false refrigeration products, and how to avoid the dangers of fraud refrigeration products? A. What are the common refrigeration fraud way? At present domestic refrigeration industry of fraud means basically has the following six kinds: 1. Pretend to be well-known brands at home and abroad. 2. The quality is not up to the standard optimal gourmet. 3. Names only raw material ACTS as a good raw material. 4. Quality. 5. With cheap corrosion refrigerant a the methane of cl, dimethyl ether mixed refrigerant R22, R410a raw materials of 6. The packaging of R22 raw material filling to R410a. 7. Lower price in the mixed refrigerant R410a R32 medium proportion increase, the price higher R125 raw material is reduced, the above links are easy to fraud. 2. Refrigeration of fraud manufacturer mainly in the area. Refrigeration industry of fraud business mainly concentrated in guangzhou and zhejiang. Specific for guangzhou 'abounds in' fakes, ratio reached 80% of the national, zhejiang is a rendezvous for counterfeit products. Know so much, as consumers, how to quickly identify refrigerants of true and false? 3. How to quickly identify refrigerants of true and false? Refrigerant has the three characteristics of the real thing, we can start from these three points when buy. ( 1) Price comparison with 300 g canned everything as an example, the market price of 25 - 40 yuan. Instead of fake goods at a price below $20 ( 2) Dose compared with pressure is stored in the form of liquid refrigerant we all know, the need when loading pressure. So fraud on the dose and the pressure will be 'hands', usually with filling refrigerant R12. I don't know is R12 compared with authentic everything cans, refrigerant will shrink 1 - More than 2 kg. ( 3) Identify authentic refrigerants look from the exterior appearance, brand identity, manufacturers, product certification. Instead, counterfeiting of refrigerant to obfuscate, often use 'English'. Seemingly tall, actually is a huge 'trap'. Studying the refrigerant to identify small skills, we can not help but ask. Don't will put up with so many 'fake' with consumer market? How to 'fraud', let's listen to the universal refrigeration professional engineers. Four. How to avoid the harm of 'fake' refrigeration products? 'Fake' products to crack down on refrigeration industry, can be done overnight. Need to gather the power of the parties, jointly maintain a green safe consumption market. In general have the following points. ( 1) Refrigeration market rules, related products quality inspection departments to formulate standard manufacturers, dealers and distributors, the regulation on the quality of the products from the sales system, to help consumers to eliminate false product. ( 2) Brand manufacturers products anti-counterfeiting must complete, production of products at the same time increase the intensity of product promotion, let consumer right from product quality to guide consumers to use regular products. ( 3) Consumers usually pay more attention to some product knowledge, improve their discrimination of refrigeration products.
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