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Refrigeration market demand surge towards the world is not a dream

by:Arkool     2020-04-01
Nowadays, people's living standard had the very big enhancement, more and more is also high to the requirement of quality of life, refrigeration equipment market demand increased dramatically, the future development prospect is very considerable, go abroad, towards the world is no longer just a dream. Statistics show, refrigeration equipment overall sales in China last year reached 14. 8 billion yuan, 10. 8 billion yuan of sales increased by 37% compared with 2010. In refrigeration industry, water chiller has been the main model of the large public building air conditioning system, in some large or very large building air conditioning applications, chiller and even the choice of air conditioning schemes. Is also based on this, in recent years, the refrigeration equipment market in China has achieved rapid development, expanding the size of the market. It is reported that in recent years, the rapid development of refrigeration technology in China, but compared with developed countries, we in the machine manufacturing precision, processing technology level, the selection of material and so on also has the very big development space. In the research and development, the ice machine efficiency level of refrigerant is blank. But, with the improvement of science and technology, our country's refrigeration technology is also in constant progress, countries increased the refrigeration equipment technology support and spending, keeps refrigeration equipment enterprise technical innovation and product research and development, currently has made some achievements. Refrigeration equipment market in China is quite large, the demand for refrigerator is also increasing. Refrigeration equipment market in China's growth rate as high as 20%, far more than the same period GDP growth, and market expansion and diversification of client demand, prompting refrigeration products in the domestic market of perfecting function, integration and systematization degree is higher and higher, more convenient operation. Overall, although our country's economy under the impact of the global financial crisis continues to weaken, but still maintain rapid economic growth in China, little affected refrigeration equipment enterprises in China, a series of economic revitalization planning in our country, and strongly advocated in the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, domestic refrigeration equipment market demand, industry development fast steady. Experts predict that in the next five years, the demand for refrigeration equipment market in China will double. < p> < / p>
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