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Refrigeration equipment is commonly used in refrigerants have?

by:Arkool     2020-06-05
The commonly used refrigerants are: ammonia and freon - 12, freon - 22、R- 134年,R - 404 - a refrigerant, R - 410 - a refrigerant, azeotropic refrigerants and hydrocarbon refrigerants eight. Easy cool refrigeration specific to introduce below. A. Ammonia and ammonia is one of the most widely used in medium voltage temperature refrigerant. The solidification temperature of ammonia - 77. 7 ℃, standard evaporation temperature - 33. 3℃。 Ammonia as a refrigerant is: the advantages of easy to get, low cost, moderate pressure, large unit refrigerating capacity, high coefficient of heat flow resistance is small. Defect is stimulating smell, toxic, can combustion and explosion, corrosion of copper and copper alloy. 2. Freon - 12 R12 for halogenated alkane and scientific name two fluorine methylene chloride, molecular formula for CF2Cl2. It is our country small and medium-sized is widely used in refrigeration equipment temperature refrigerant in medium voltage. Standard evaporation temperature for R12-29. 8 ℃, condensing pressure generally is 0. 78-0. To - 98 mpa, solidification temperature 155 ℃, unit volume standard refrigerating capacity is about 288 kcal/m3. In small freon refrigeration device no oil machine, dryer and installations. At the same time regulation of water content in R12 shall not be greater than zero. 0025%, the system cannot be used in the general natural rubber sealing gasket, and should use nitrile rubber or chlorohydrin synthetic rubber. Otherwise, can cause the expansion of the sealing gasket leakage of refrigerant. 3. Freon - 22 R22 is also of halogenated alkane, scientific name methylene fluoride a chloride, molecular formula for CHClF2, standard about - 41 ℃ evaporating temperature, setting temperature is about - 160 ℃, with ammonia condensing pressure, unit volume standard refrigerating capacity is about 454 kcal/m3. Many properties of R22 and R12 similar, but chemical stability than R12, toxicity is slightly bigger than a R12. However, the unit volume of R22 refrigerating capacity is much larger than R12, close to the ammonia. When asked to 40 ~ 70 ℃ low temperature, using R22 than R12 is appropriate, so the R22 is widely used in post - 40 ~ 60 ℃ of two stage compression refrigeration or air conditioning system. Four. R - Boiling point is 134 - 26. 26 ℃, freezing point to - 96. 6 ° C, the critical temperature is 101. 1 ℃。 Everything very low toxicity, no flammable in air, security category for A1, refrigerant is very safe. R134a has a higher request on the system of dry and clean. Everything for steel, iron, copper, aluminum and other metal mutual chemical reaction phenomenon has not been found, only have a minor effect on zinc. Everything is internationally recognized replace CFC - post 12 one of the main refrigerating agent, commonly used in automobile air conditioning, commercial and industrial refrigeration system, and used as a foaming agent in hard plastic insulation materials production, can also be used to configure other mixed refrigerant, such as R 404 a and 407 c R, etc. Five. R - 404 - a refrigerant physical and chemical properties: R404A is a non azeotropic mixed refrigerants of chlorine, colorless gas under atmospheric pressure, the store is compressed in the cylinder of liquefied gas, is not to undermine atmospheric ozone layer.
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