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Refrigerant prices, air conditioning industry go from here!

by:Arkool     2020-07-16
Refrigerant prices refrigerant is the medium of various kinds of heat engine so as to complete the energy conversion material. It is the main products of organic fluorine industry chain, is also an important part of the whole fluorine chemical industry chain. At present our country fluorine refrigerant mainly has four varieties of R22, everything, R125 and R32, everything is mainly used in automotive air conditioning, home air-conditioning, central air conditioning, refrigerator, cold storage, commercial and industrial refrigeration and other fields. At present our country several main refrigerant on the market, prices rose more than 5 into common in September. Especially R32, rise as high as 76%. Refrigerant high reason since this year, as the downstream products of air-conditioning sales buoyant, strong demand for refrigerants, pull the refrigerant prices are rising. In addition, due to the government to strengthen environmental regulation and increased transportation costs, lead to refrigerant affected production and transportation, aggravates the strain of market supply. Air conditioning industry in the first half of this year after a wave of large-scale fill inventory, due to the sales situation is good, go to the stock quickly, the current inventory level is still in a lower level, the demand for production and subsequent air conditioning refrigerants have promote role. Also, since the recent out of backward production capacity, hydrofluoric acid factory operating rate is not high, leading to hydrofluoric acid supplies at home, some manufacturers have no inventory, hydrofluoric acid market prices are rising sharply. Fluorite, hydrofluoric acid, such as refrigerant supply raw materials to reduce, refrigerant supply, prices also lead to market. Fluorite prices rose to 78 in 2017. 20%, hydrofluoric acid market prices are also unusually hot, throughout the year to rise as high as 94. 37%. Refrigerant rising phenomenon similar to our market in the European markets, European fluoride gas bill (from the European Union F - Gas bill) Implementation also experienced refrigerant price rises. In 2018, the European Union HFCs refrigerant quotas will be cut from the baseline level of 93% to 63%, while European refrigerant prices are expected to be in the F - of the eu Under the action of Gas bill continue to rise. The future development trend of the current air conditioning industry in our country, the world is under the Montreal protocol framework accelerate the elimination of substances which deplete the ozone layer. In accordance with requirements of the protocol, in 2020 the country needs a 35% cut in at the baseline level as refrigerant R22 consumption, by the year 2030 will be completely eliminated, retain only a small amount to meet the needs of the maintenance purposes. This means that HFCs refrigerant will gradually reduce. Air-conditioning industry in China is expected to cross the R410A and R32, half environment-friendly refrigerant development stage, moving on to phase of R290 directly. At present, China's air conditioning industry has made clear the low carbon environmental protection hydrocarbon R290 substance as refrigerant alternative routes, the industry in the first stage performance has been completed 19 290 air conditioning machine production line and 4 R290 compressor production line modification, formed the R290 air-conditioning production capacity. In March 2017, the room air conditioner and household heat pump water heater industry in China as eliminating work officially launched in the second stage. In the second stage, in the room air conditioner and household heat pump water heater industry will be at least 20 R290 room air conditioner production line, 2, 3 R290 household heat pump production lines (CO2 R744) Household heat pump product lines and 3 R290 compressor production line.
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