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Refrigerant market in 2017 large inventory

by:Arkool     2020-06-30
Is obtained for refrigerant enterprises in 2017 a year. First of all, the superposition of refrigerant price affected by various factors, experience gained in the first quarter, second quarter after landslides, again in the fourth quarter climbed high. The price of the main varieties respectively: R32 is 24666 yuan/ton, everything is 26250 yuan/ton, R22 is 15722 yuan/ton, than the general rise in September 5 as above. Especially R32, from September 14000 yuan/ton rose to 24666 yuan/ton, rose as high as 76%. Second, because the government to strengthen environmental protection regulation and increased transportation costs, lead to refrigerant affected production and transportation, aggravates the strain of market supply. In addition, hydrofluoric acid, fluorite, such as refrigerant supply raw materials to reduce, is refrigerant supply is insufficient, lead to market prices of the other main factors. From the point of each performance of the core brand, JuHua business income is 100 in the first three quarters of implementation. 200 million yuan, an increase of 36. 03%, the profit of 8. 0. 7 billion yuan, up 1042% from a year earlier, similarly, dongyue chemical industry profits in the first half of 2017 7. 500 million yuan, an increase of 135. 07%, sinochem, blue sky, meilan chemical, LTD refrigeration and other corporate profits were showing explosive growth. Sales staff said many refrigerant companies, 2017 refrigerant prices bring bonuses, can use & other; Throughout the long drought rare &; To describe, fluorine chemical enterprise after years of recession, finally ushered in the selling season is in short supply. At the same time, this year and refrigerant enterprise solidarity of one year, there is no mutual price war, but a tightly knit, joint efforts to standardize market development. Affected by the factors such as environmental constraints, production safety inspection, combined with the upstream raw material supply remains tense, is expected in the first quarter of 2018, the condition of the refrigerant market supply shortage will also maintain, prices are still rising space. At the same time, household air conditioners and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration, automotive refrigeration market recovery development, increasing demand for refrigerants, most of the refrigerant enterprise plans to improve productivity, increase the market supply. Foreign trade has become the domestic chemical enterprises, on the other hand, one of the pillars of business, the domestic refrigerant will produce great influence to export price instability.
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