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Refrigerant is the gaseous or liquid?

by:Arkool     2020-07-03
About filling refrigerant, is gas or liquid, must have all already know, many of the Lao shifu often see someone consulting refrigerant filling is gas? Or liquid? Single medium refrigerant, non azeotropic mixed refrigerant and azeotropic refrigerants, refrigerant: single working medium refrigerant components only a working medium; Non azeotropic refrigerants: two or more different refrigerant mixture to a certain percentage of the refrigerants, it in saturated state, the composition of gas liquid two phase composition; Azeotropic refrigerants: there are two or more different refrigerant mixture to a certain percentage of the azeotrope, this kind of refrigerant under certain pressure can keep certain evaporating temperature and the composition of gas liquid two phase keep ratio unchanged. Liquid or gas? 1) Whether gaseous or liquid refrigerant, single working medium inside composition will not change, so the filling refrigerant can filling gas. 2) , azeotropic refrigerants although composition is different, but the boiling point is the same, so the composition of gas and liquid two same, so you can filling gas; 3) , non azeotropic refrigerants due to the boiling point is different, so the liquid refrigerant and gas refrigerant composition is not the same, actually as if gas, will inevitably lead to add refrigerant components, such as only added a gaseous refrigerant, so can only add the density of its liquid. Why not add liquid all see here a lot of friend, whisper in my heart, now that distinguish so difficult, I don't care what is added liquid refrigerants, as guaranteed not to can? Wrong, wrong; In general, as we all know, refrigerant charging finally is need to add the device runs after, and from the compressor suction mouth 気 added; If liquid refrigerant, equivalent to the compressor suction 気 mouth into the liquid refrigerant, obviously cause compressor liquid impact; Damage to the compressor. Summarize common refrigerant liquid or gaseous state said so much, a lot of friend to see not bottom go to, here is directly collect all common refrigerant liquid or gaseous, maintenance for everybody reference. 1) And gaseous refrigerant: R13, everything, R22, R23, R290, R32, R500, R600a2) , add liquid refrigerant: R401A, R410B, R407C, R410A, R404A; So much of the refrigerant, believe friend also can not remember clearly chu. A word to tell you the secret: as long as it is at the beginning of R4 * liquid refrigerant is added, the remaining gas.
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