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Refrigerant fraud is the 'open secret' in the industry

by:Arkool     2020-07-01
Refrigerant fraud in the industry is already & other; Open secret & throughout; , the means of fraud is multifarious: is there a quality, shoddy, raw material of corrosion were the cheapest a the methane of cl, dimethyl ether materials mixed refrigerants of reduce the cost of the products, the refrigerant pressure about low prices as environmental protection refrigerants, as well-known brand influence and so on. The fake refrigerant industry basically has the following several ways: one, pretend to be well-known brands at home and abroad. Second, the quality is not up to the standard optimal acura. Three and raw material ACTS as a good raw material. Four, quality. Five to cheap corrosion refrigerant methyl chloride, dimethyl ether mixed refrigerant R22, R410a raw materials. Six, the packaging of R22 raw material filling to R410a. Seven, the lower price in the mixed refrigerant R410a R32 medium scale increase, the price higher R125 raw material is reduced, the above links are easy to fraud. “ Counterfeiting, rampant area mainly concentrated in zhejiang and guangzhou, zhejiang is given priority to with fake, guangzhou is given priority to with fakes, guangzhou, the number of fake or even 80% of the country. ” The personage inside course of study is implicitly pointed out. The personage inside course of study tells a reporter, a seller of counterfeiters and lawlessness will be false and inferior product production, sales, intensified. Them from a chemical plant in cheap raw material for filling, packing to small jar, and sell it to illegal vendors, product brand development from the initial several to hundreds, or even up to the customer need to provide what brand, what brand packing fraud also from several to dozens of dens, some partial capacity of a single base from the hundreds of thousands of cans can even extend to millions of cans. 80% of the country's counterfeit refrigerants products so continuously through the convenient transportation to the distribution of various areas, from cold in the great cities of the distribution center to distribution warehouses; Flow from market to various repair shops and stores, and then by mechanic add to each need & other; Add fluorine & throughout; On the machine. Is more serious is that some fake products has become a local famous brand, some false dens as the star of the local enterprises and protection. The personage inside course of study says, to effect a radical cure refrigerant fake goods, the most efficient or effective regulation of the industry and commerce, qualitative inspect branch we are fakes is almost on the street selling, at least, by the fake brand, no one will indicate the real site of factory, phone, check the dens is difficult, but as long as the selling season every year to guangzhou, hangzhou, Beijing, zhengzhou, several major fake refrigerant distribution center to check on a few rounds, take the simple detector can detect on the spot, for example, to fake the fine fine, can be transferred to public security, firmly transferred to public security, so the fake goods would fall by at least half. Many companies also specifically called for, refrigeration industry need to strengthen self-discipline, especially large and medium-sized cities of refrigerant distributor, insist not adulterated, not counterfeits, such not only fake goods manufacturers, the dealer sales points and filling, genuine and brand will gradually occupy the mainstream, for a long time can achieve & other; Good money flooding bad money & throughout; The effect. Of environmental protection, environmental protection, international cooperation department, deputy director of the center project Mr Zhi-feng zhong said in a statement, in addition to the relevant administrative department of the market of fake and shoddy products and production operators for continuing impact and punished severely, refrigerant production certification system, from the source to eliminate illegal and counterfeit and shoddy products into the market, may be a & other; Cure & throughout; The good method.
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