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Refrigerant cans boxes and test analysis of the relevant knowledge

by:Arkool     2020-06-07
Burning hot summer, all kinds of the use of air conditioning, the refrigerator is quite ordinary, but for these devices, the core of the refrigerant should not understand, just to simple introduce for everybody below. Small refrigerant knowledge refrigerants, also known as refrigerant, refrigerant, snow, is the medium of various kinds of heat engine so as to complete the energy conversion material. These substances are usually reversible phase transformation ( Such as gas - Phase change) To increase power. Widely used in the compression type refrigerants refrigerants are ammonia and freon and hydrocarbons. According to the chemical composition, refrigerant can be divided into five categories: inorganic compound refrigerants, freon, saturated hydrocarbon refrigerants, unsaturated hydrocarbon refrigerants and azeotropic mixture refrigerants. According to the condensing pressure, refrigerant can be divided into three categories: high temperature ( Low pressure) Refrigerant, medium temperature ( Medium voltage) Refrigerant and low temperature ( High pressure) Refrigerants. Commonly used freon refrigerant R12, R22, r114 and R1341a, because of other types of refrigerant has now been discontinued or disable. Freon 12 ( CF2CL2,R12) : is a kind of freon refrigerant application more, mainly for medium and small food bank, household refrigerator and water, road refrigerated transportation are widely used in refrigeration equipment. Freon 22 ( CHF2CL,R22) : is a kind of freon refrigerant application more, mainly used in household air conditioner and cryogenic refrigerator. Freon 502 ( R502) : r114 consists of R12, R22 to 51. 2% and 48. The percentage of 8% mixture of azeotropic solution. Freon 134 a ( C2H2F4,R134a) : is a relatively new type of refrigerants, its evaporation temperature was minus 26. 5℃。 Commonly used refrigerants by tank tank storage, transport tank container is used for the loading is aspersed, oil, liquid food, chemicals and other goods of the container. Mainly made up of tank and framework. Tank to elliptic or approximately spherical, the use of double layer structure. The lining is made of stainless steel; Or use other rigid material, but need to coating a layer of epoxy resin, to prevent the corrosion of liquid cargo. The outer wall with thermal insulation materials. General roof has rounded port of loading, and have the unloading valve at the tank bottom. Have high pressure tank, low pressure tank, heat preservation tank, tank and so on several kind of heating device. Framework USES the high strength steel, tank in the middle of the framework. Tank container handling operations, loading, unloading and storage of all needs to some special places, and equipped with specialized fire safety equipment. Protection and hoisting tanks have the function of Angle bearing framework. The outer frame of the tin box size to be exactly equal to the size of the international standard 20 container ( 20 feet long and six feet wide: 8 feet, 8 feet 6 inches high:) 。 Can be used in highway, railway and water transport. Can be loaded high of 14300 to 31000 litres ( Or even more) The flow of goods. Refrigerant and periodic inspection process 1, category: tin box tin box on a regular basis of regular inspection is divided into annual inspection and comprehensive inspection. Annual inspection for once a year. Level 1 - security conditions Level 2, comprehensive inspection check once every five years. Security level for level 3, comprehensive inspection every 2. Check once for five years. 2, preparation before inspection: shipment suffocating medium inflammable or tin box, medium tank must be emissions, clean, should be residual liquid ( Gas) Treatment, and disinfection, cleaning, steam purging, ventilation, displacement, sampling analysis, the results must meet the provisions of the relevant standards. And to measure oxygen content in gas, oxygen content of 18% ~ 23% ( Volume ratio) As a qualified, party personnel into the pot; Need to check the surface, must be thoroughly cleaned up, the need for nondestructive testing of surface should be bared metal luster; Inspection lighting electricity shall not exceed 24 v, the introduction of tank cable insulation should be good, reliable grounding; Researchers into the tank, the specialist care. 3, annual inspection: the content and requirement of tank container annual inspection items, including tin box data review, tanks appearance inspection, tin box affiliated facilities connection test, insulation test, attached inspection, safety accessories, assembly test, compression test, If necessary) And the air tightness test, etc. 4, comprehensive content and requirements of inspection: comprehensive inspection items including tin box tanks annual inspection of all the content, structure and geometry size inspection, emergency cut-off valve pressure test, determination of the thickness, the surface defect and buried defects detection, tanks outside surface paint inspection and intensity, etc. The refrigerant cans and inspection of related knowledge, have you learned?
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