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R410A refrigerant have what characteristic

by:Arkool     2020-07-11
R410A refrigerant is a mixture of two kinds of refrigerants, three main ingredients are hydrogen, fluorine and carbon element, Said for HFC) , has the stability, non-toxic, superior performance, etc. Because do not contain chlorine at the same time, so as not to damage the ozone layer. In addition, the adoption of new refrigerant air conditioning in terms of performance also improved. R410A is by far the most appropriate internationally recognized to replace R22 refrigerant, and in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries. Here take a look at the characteristics of refrigerant R410A. What are the typical features of R410 refrigerant R410A refrigerant 1. Very low toxicity, allowable concentration and R22, same is 1000 PPM. 2. Not flammable, combustible polarity of 0 in the air. 3. High chemical and thermal stability. 4. Water solubility is almost the same with R22, insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol, ether. 5. Is mixed refrigerants, refrigerant (by R32 Methylene fluoride) And R125 refrigerant ( Five fluorine ethane) Mixture. 6. Not with mineral oil or alkyl benzene oil miscibility, and POE [ Ester lubricants] ,通过 Ether lubricating oil] Miscibility. 7. Does not destroy the ozone layer, its molecular formula does not contain chlorine, therefore its ozone depletion ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) Ozeme depletion potential (0, global warming GWP) Less than zero. 2.
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