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Ningbo customs seized 'ozone killer'

by:Arkool     2020-07-07
Recently, ningbo customs in a number of export to India found in a large number of network line did not declare to the customs of R22 refrigerant, a total of 1950 cases, involving value 28. 50000 dollars. Ningbo customs officers during the inspection, found suspicious in the container when the cylinder after unpacking inspection, found that the enterprise managing to escape a permit for export as refrigerant R22 to conceal. R22 refrigerant used in air conditioners, refrigerators, cold storage equipment, such as main ingredients are two fluorine a the methane of cl, commonly known as freon, the ozone layer has a great destructive. According to the regulations of the Montreal protocol, to protect the ozone layer, R22 refrigerant should be full production stop from 2030 years ago in our country. In view of the current illegal export ozone-depleting substances ( ODS) Situation characteristic, ningbo customs in strengthening the training of professional knowledge, the refrigerant intelligent detector quickly, ensure accurate and efficient inspection process.
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