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New and r410A refrigerant r32 which good?

by:Arkool     2020-05-27
At present the widespread use of refrigerants and environmentally friendly refrigerant, air conditioning refrigerant models are also rising, new refrigerant r32 and r410A in use which is better? A lot of buyers, here are the two new environmentally friendly refrigerant explain for everybody. One, the refrigerant is short for methylene fluoride, R32 R32 is a coolant with zero ozone depletion potential, into a gas at room temperature, under pressure from its own colorless transparent liquid, soluble in oil, poorly soluble in water. Boiling point - 52 degrees, solidifying point - 78. 59 4 degrees, critical temperature. 5 degrees. Second, the refrigerant R410A refrigerant R410A is a new kind of environmental protection, does not destroy the ozone layer, working pressure for the common R22 air conditioner 1. Refrigeration (about 6 times, Warm) More efficient. Improve the performance of air conditioning does not destroy the ozone layer. New refrigerant R410A composed of two kinds of quasi azeotropic mixture, mainly include hydrogen, fluorine and carbon ( Said for HFC) , has the stability, non-toxic, superior performance, etc. At the same time as a result of not containing chlorine, so will not react with ozone, which does not destroy the ozone layer. In addition, the adoption of new refrigerant air conditioning again in terms of performance will be improved. R410A is by far the most appropriate internationally recognized to replace R22 of refrigerant, and in Europe and the United States, Japan and other countries. Three, R32 compared with the performance of R410A: 1, the thermal physical properties: R32 filling volume can be reduced, only for R410A 0. System working pressure is 71 times, R32 R410A is high, but the biggest rise in less than 2. 6%, R410A system pressure requirements and at the same time R32 system exhaust temperature than R410A biggest rise up to 35. 3 ℃, the existing compressor need to be redesigned. 2, environmental protection features: the ODP values ( Ozone-depleting ozeme depletion potential) Are 0, but R32 GWP value ( Global warming ozeme depletion potential) Moderate, compared with R22 CO2 emission reduction ratio of up to 77. Only 6%, while the R410A to 2. R410A is obviously better than the 5%, in terms of CO2 emissions. 3, safety: R32 and R410A are non-toxic, flammable and R32, but in several kinds of R22 alternative R32, R290, R161, R1234YF, R32 combustion limit LFL ( Fire floor) The highest, the most difficult to burn, the relative safety. 4, loop performance: in terms of performance in theoretical cycle, refrigerating capacity is higher than R410A 12 R32 system. 6%, power consumption increases 8. 1%, comprehensive energy saving 4. 3%, the experimental results also show that the refrigeration system can effect comparing is slightly higher than R410A R32. R32 and R410A refrigerant as the main use of air conditioning refrigerant currently model, of course the new refrigerant R32 and R410A which good? Actually each have advantages and disadvantages, so when purchasing air conditioning refrigerant, must according to the air conditioning on remarks models to buy, so as not to affect air conditioning refrigeration equipment. If you don't refrigeration air conditioning, to be on the safe side, if not, can look for maintenance professionals injectors.
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