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New air conditioning refrigerant race started, but R32 and R290 is not life and death

by:Arkool     2020-05-09
2, 3 years recently, because of a line of air-conditioning installation work in the new refrigerant non-standard operation in the process of product installation, maintenance, causing some to adopt new air conditioning refrigerant R32, even personal injury events, will R32 refrigerant into the forefront of public opinion. As a result, this will also exists in different associations in recent years, various enterprises and between different interest groups, around R32 and R290 new battle of cold media character, who is the next generation to market foreground. As early as several years ago, around the world to promote, R22 refrigerant banned and R410A refrigerant is phased transition substitutes, refrigeration and air conditioning industry over the next generation of new environmental protection refrigerant embark on a round of exploration and layout: Chinese companies have patent technology of R290 with patents in the hands of Japanese companies R32; On the surface, it is benefit for, camp differentiation; Is actually the competition for market share, say. Behind and subject R32 and R290, involved the interests of the chain is wide and long. Around R32 and two new refrigerant R290, in two groups: one is the China association of refrigeration and air conditioning industry with gree, daikin and other related enterprises, pushing the R32 refrigerants, at present mainly covers household, commercial air conditioning; Is behind Japan, southeast Asia and other countries, has begun to scale using; The other is China's household electrical appliances association with haier, midea, oakes companies such as pushing R290 refrigerants, mainly from the European Union and other countries push, and related supporting the promotion of financial rewards. On a global scale, current R290 in China, or in a foreign country, the scope of application, including the number and product number, are not as good as R32. Shanghai Hitachi electrical appliances company in an industry conference display data suggesting that R32 has become the world recognized environmental protection new refrigerant, North America is given priority to with R410A, but with R32 / HFO mixed refrigerant; India has banned the R22, headed by daikin enterprise leading R32; Australia is also R32 frequency is given priority to, and the European Union is fission air conditioning with R32, mobile air conditioning use R290; Southeast Asia and other countries, it is Japanese companies dominate the R32, while Japan is 100% for R32, China is R32 and R290 all have involved. Although R290 with R32, belong to low flammable refrigerant, but are subject to the conditions of use. R290 commonly known as propane, perfusion on the air conditioning compressor is limited, and the present stage include the European Union, China has many applications in mobile air conditioning, and household 1 horse, 1. 5 horses and small number of horse products, but also not to 2, 3, horse horse even large central air conditioning unit is used, this will cause the market application scope limits. Industry, according to data published online in 2019 cold, R32 air conditioning in the Chinese market sales accounted for more than 30%, and is continuing to expand. From Shanghai Hitachi electrical appliances prediction, using 2020 cold air shipments of R290 refrigerant could reach 1 million units. This means that, in a fully open market competition, air conditioning enterprise is that the choice of R290, or R32, still want more from the product technology applications, such as user experience with Angle comprehensively. But for R290 and R32, hidden behind a corporate patent recessive threshold. At present, R32 refrigerant related patents in the hands of daikin and other foreign companies, they are Japan, southeast Asia and other countries and regions, to speed up the pace of promoting R32 application; And R290 refrigerant currently there are no foreign enterprise patent restriction, most of the domestic chemical plant has a corresponding patent formula products. At the same time in the home air conditioning, commercial air conditioning and other household durable consumer goods, on the application of new refrigerant of R290 and R32 are faced with related national standard revision, perfect work, involving the perfusion, packaging, transport, installation of air conditioning, storage, and so on each link, need to push the relevant standards and norms to formulate and perfect as soon as possible. It can be said that the current on new media replace cold, air conditioning enterprises in China has just opened a new step, should be choose R290, or R32, must promote legal compliance, real guarantee industry benefit from injury and shock. At the same time, as the country's temporary task targets for energy conservation and emissions reduction, also need to speed up the elimination of R22, accelerate the process of replacement of R410A.
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