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Learn to these methods, not afraid of air conditioning heating effect is not good!

by:Arkool     2020-07-11
LingDong has to, air conditioning and come in handy, expected air conditioning heating, who knows the air conditioning is not heating at home, how to do? Master to air conditioning, 1 minute will problem, soon repaired, conveniently also help us spread the air conditioning heating knowledge, not below waxed pose together. 1, dust too much lead to long-term for heating and air conditioning cleaning, filter into too much dust and blocked the air flow, air conditioner in the heat can't be no heating caused by the air flow out. The solution: to clean air conditioner and filter. 2, air conditioning fluorine enough lead to insufficient heat if the home air conditioning has been in use for three years or so, a mobile air conditioning, before air conditioning heating, now may be air conditioning fluorine was not enough. Solution: find air conditioning manufacturers of after-sales service for air conditioning and fluorine. 3, four-way valve solenoid is broken four-way valve is inside the machine and machine conversion device, ensure that opened the heating blowing out heat. If the four-way valve solenoid valve is broken, so lack of heating or cooling performance. Solution: four-way valve solenoid is not expensive, broken can find air conditioning maintenance master maintenance, knowledgeable and can solve on their own. 4, the voltage is too small, or instability in air conditioning will use a point in heating technology, if elegance is too low, there may be boot time is too long, the temperature couldn't get on. The solution: after waiting for voltage stability in air conditioning, if the voltage stability is not heating, you the problem of electric auxiliary heating elements should be considered. 5, frost controller failure makes the running state of the air conditioning can be collected into the frost, heat pump heating evaporator frosting phenomenon will appear, the heat exchange efficiency of air conditioning heating, lead to insufficient heat, even stop. Whether should focus on observation of frost thermal device mismatch or poor contact, contact edge, the fan impeller skid or duct obstruction, electromagnetic valve or start relay failure. 6, lack of refrigerant due to refrigeration system leaks in the system to participate in the thermal cycle of refrigerants, led to the decrease of the heat exchange efficiency, the phenomenon of insufficient heat generating system. The solution: the place of refrigerant leakage through welding repair method, add snow of the types of air conditioning. Warm prompt: if you want to use normal air conditioning, so the daily cleaning and maintenance is necessary. In addition, if you need to deep maintenance of air conditioning, Suggestions, please professional and technical personnel to air conditioning from inside to outside of the core components of the thorough cleaning and maintenance, timely find air conditioning hidden problems, effectively prolong its service life, and more health and energy saving. On the depth of the air conditioning maintenance 2 - in general 3 years at a time.
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