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How to judge whether the central air conditioning lack of refrigerant? - - - - - -

by:Arkool     2020-06-02
Central air conditioning system in effect in the process of using the cold poor is one of the most common problems for ordinary users, the lack of fluorine direct expression is also this kind of phenomenon, but the lack of fluorine is not the only cause of central air conditioning refrigeration effect is not good, so is there any intuitive judgment method to judge whether the central air conditioning fluorine missing? Easy and cool to tell you, first of all, we open the air conditioner, let air conditioning compressor continuous operation after 30 minutes, if the lack of fluorine in the refrigeration system, and can appear the following phenomenon. 1, the trachea dry valve. No cool sense of touch. This is because the lack of fluorine results in the decrease of the boiling point of refrigerant in the evaporator, the valve's refrigerant heat increases, the temperature of the valve. 2, liquid pipe valve frost. This is because the lack of fluorine in fluid pipe pressure drop, the boiling point is reduced, the valve temperature below freezing. 3, open the indoor machine panel, remove the filter, only a few can be found evaporator frosting. This is because the lack of fluorine cause lack of refrigerant, refrigeration area in decrease accordingly. 4, the exhaust air outdoor thermal. This is because the lack of fluorine refrigerant caused by insufficient, results in the decrease of condensing pressure and temperature. Five little or no drainage, drainage hose drainage. This is because the lack of fluorine in evaporator refrigeration area decreases, and also reduce condensation area, condensation water volume is reduced. 6, the gas and liquid valve have outdoor pollution. This is because the refrigerant and frozen oil has certain solubility, refrigerant from funnelled overflow oil after around funnelled, it also suggests that bad system closure resulted in the lack of fluorine. 7, from the fluoride mouth filling outdoor measuring pressure is lower than 0. 45MPa。 This is because the lack of fluorine causing shortages of refrigerant evaporating pressure drop. How, is not difficult, believe that the next time you encounter such problem won't freeze if again, go to try, have the effect very much, if still not, looking for regular maintenance factory to solve, must be careful operation, to avoid dangerous.
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