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How to determine whether the car air conditioning lack of refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-08-06

High pressure pipe joints have glass observation mouth air conditioning in normal operation, observe glass mouth, no bubbles, turn off the air conditioning period of time inside the bubbles, the car air conditioning is not lack of refrigerant. When the air conditioning work, continue to have bubbles, lack of refrigerant need to add. 

 If not found glass observation, can the normal work of air-conditioning, touch air conditioning low pressure piping below general automobile air conditioning low pressure pipeline is relatively thick some, add refrigerant and mouth plastic lid has L the letters of the logo in the air conditioning work normally when the low pressure pipeline is cold if you don't cool, is likely to be short of refrigerant or other malfunction.

 Or pressure gauge connected to air conditioning, close the pressure gauge on the two valves, start the air conditioning, observe the air pressure gauge as shown in figure below, green for the low pressure table, red for high pressure table, two red marked area is air conditioning pressure range of standard values in the table, below the red mark area air conditioning failure or lack of refrigerant.
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