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How to determine the car air conditioning refrigerant deficiency, usually how long does it take to add a?

by:Arkool     2020-07-22
The awaken of spring is thick, the summer is around the corner, the weather gradually hot up. Automotive air conditioning use frequency is gradually high, the car air conditioning can bring cool and refreshing, mainly because of something called the car air conditioning refrigerant. First of all, we want to know what the refrigerant? So-called automobile air conditioning refrigerant is usually says of freon, the market is also referred to as the 'snow' or is called 'refrigerant', divided into environmental protection, R134a) And the environmental protection, Mainly F12) 。 Usually 3 - Cars are 5 years do not need to add refrigerant, but sometimes poor refrigerant refrigeration effect is also need to add, how to judge for themselves whether air conditioning refrigerant need to add? A: open air conditioning normal after a period of time, the wind to the body feel very cool and can quickly reach the set temperature, outdoor compressor can be like a refrigerator. Work for a moment stopped for a moment that would suggest that is normal, otherwise it may need refrigerant. Way 2: use thermometer to measure the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of indoor machine difference in 8 ℃ above the bigger the temperature difference is normal, that air conditioning work, the more thoroughly up to about 15 ℃, and the difference of less than 8 ℃ might need to add refrigerant. Three ways: boot after more than ten minutes to open the indoor machine panel, should see wear full aluminium on the evaporator tubes on the part of heat exchange, uniform humidity of the air is full of condensed water such as normal age less than vice, if half half no is likely to be short of refrigerant. Such as local frost or ice are not normal. Pattern 4: use the user can view more than half a year, pipe joints and the house the valve, if there is a clear sign of oil spill, if there are any obvious leakage or suggests that the machine has a leak, fluorine miscibility because oil, the oil will leak fluoride, fluoride will leak leakage. Air conditioning is indispensable to summer road, in the summer to use failure is afraid is a boring thing, for the sake of his cool, and also for the service life of the car, please check the maintenance in advance. We prepared for you cool lippo auto refrigerant, refrigeration effect is strong, effectively prolong the service life of air conditioning, in sorching summer is approaching, we provide you perfect refrigerant solution, consult easy cool official hotline: more preferential.
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