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Household central air-conditioning retail market in 2018 face hidden trouble

by:Arkool     2020-04-07
< p> ask who is the role of the market in recent years, central air conditioning, a scenery, the answer must be 'retail'. Scene is needless to say, the retail market is like in 2017 have to 2018, people for New Year of the retail market is still holding the extremely high expectations, there are a lot of people in the industry to see the hidden trouble existing in the retail market in 2017, for dashed in retail market, these concerns may be fatal. Who are they? < / p> < p> on December 20, 2017, the central economic work conference concluded in Beijing, the meeting give the real estate market hard knock again on a hammer. In 2017, the central economic work conference, to continue to clear, the mechanism of real estate regulation and control real estate market in 2018 will continue to cool. More industry forecasts for the next two years the real estate market will continue downward, will continue until around 2020. Retail market is like in the central air conditioning and needless to say, the relationship between the real estate market without the hot real estate market, retail market? < / p> < p> not only hereat, across the country have introduced 'whole decorate' policy, in 2017 the whole decoration and is expanding its scope and fine decoration: new high-rise residential districts and cities of shandong province in 2017 for the whole decorate, in 2018 the new high-level, small high-rise residential out semifinished product; In zhejiang province on July 1, 2017 implementation of the whole decorates residential interior decoration engineering quality acceptance specification '. Full decoration/fine decoration can not only save costs, but also can reduce the social total spending. But for the retail market, perhaps this is not a positive thing, many retailers said, this is belong to the scope of the project, so a lot of retailers slowly towards the road to the transformation of the engineering contractor, interestingly, at the beginning of the retail market rise, many engineering business transformation for retailers, the tables have turned and these retailers on the path of transformation again. Industry, of course, there are optimistic view, there are retailers think whole decorate/fine decoration wind has not swept across the country, only in some parts of the new building, the retail market is still a bright future. < / p> < p> in addition, as a direct rival of household central air-conditioning, home air conditioning has been instead of provocation, central air conditioning and retail market in 2017 the growth rate of over 40%, while compared with the same period the growth rate of nearly 30% in the retail market, home air conditioning at first glance is very good, but the truth is cruel, household air-conditioning retail market in 2017 shipments of more than 100 billion, is several times the retail market is like in the central air conditioning, household central air conditioning will eventually catch up with the home air conditioning? It's hard to answer, at least in the short term is impossible. But the entire central air-conditioning industry is through continuous technological innovation, promote, perfect after-sales service system, etc, continuously strengthen the household central air-conditioning market competition ability, the future is not known. < / p> < p> in terms of objective, in the past two years the central air conditioning did over the mountains in the retail market, occupy the position is higher and higher, but the industry also can't so blinded by his eyes, challenge is just around the corner, there is no doubt that the future of the pressure will be greater. Those who give priority to with retail products manufacturers and dealers, you will be how to solve the more and more difficult test paper? < / p> < p> < / p>
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