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functions of an evaporator

by:Arkool     2020-04-07
The evaporator is a device used to cool the air.
It is part of the cooling system in the refrigerator, refrigerator and air conditioner.
The evaporator is responsible for the cold air discharged from the vent.
The cooling mechanism of the evaporator uses heat to complete the work.
The failure of the evaporator can cause problems with the whole cooling system and damage some of your furniture if the problem is not solved.
Evaporator coils are used to convert refrigerant from liquid to gas.
It is the last device in the cooling system.
To achieve this, the evaporator allows the fluid refrigerant to expand when the pressure is low in the online circle.
It loses heat when the liquid expands.
The fan blows the warmer air over the coil and the air becomes cold and flows out of the vent.
The evaporator is responsible for cooling your house, cars and commercial air and flowing through our refrigerators and freezers.
The evaporator is the last link in the chain of the cooling system, and its position is usually inside, while the other parts are outside.
This makes it much simpler to connect if there is a problem.
Due to the simplicity of the unit, many problems with the evaporator are easy to dissect and repair.
The evaporator uses the surrounding heat to produce cold air flowing out of the vent.
When the refrigerant (a fluid used for many cooling systems) leaves the compressor, it passes through a small hole as a liquid.
The low pressure of the evaporator allows the refrigerant to expand and cool and become a gas.
When this happens, the fan is blowing warmer air from around the cooling system with a coil full of cooler gas.
The gas captures hot molecules and produces condensation on the coil.
When the air is blown through the coil and through the vent, the air becomes cooler.
The gas in the evaporator coil continues to be located at the front of the cooling system and repeats the process until the set temperature is reached.
The evaporator is as important as the rest of the cooling system.
Although the last link of the cooling system, it is as important as other parts.
Usually if there is any problem with the air temperature, it can usually be traced back to the evaporator.
If the cooling system is high enough, a coil leak that is not stuck with the flow plate can damage furniture such as carpets, curtains, furniture and ceiling tiles.
If the pressure or temperature affects the ability of the liquid to convert, the remaining liquid damages the rest of the cooling system where the expected gas arrives.
A common problem with the evaporator is the coil freezing.
This happens when the temperature in the evaporator drops to 32 degrees or less.
Several reasons for this are limited airflow, low indoor temperature, insufficient liquid pipeline size, and excessive compressor size.
This will prevent condensation from leaking into the pan in the air flowing through the coil.
Condensation freezes on the coil, and the more condensation, the more ice is formed.
Another problem is the evaporator that works perfectly.
If there is an unpleasant smell, it may signal the growth of the fungus in the online circle.
This problem comes from the moisture left in the coil for a period of time.
The air conditioning of the car is most vulnerable to these complaints.
Cleaning agents like Lysol can remove fungi.
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