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Do you really understand the refrigerant?

by:Arkool     2020-07-07
Generally in the summer comes, we need to give the car charging refrigerant, so the question here: & other; When the refrigerant charging? ” Answers, under the fast accurate product center for you, see below, please read. About the refrigerant automotive air conditioning refrigerant is also called the refrigerant, is applied in automotive refrigeration system of refrigerant. Auto refrigerant commonly known as snow, ice species, divided into environmental protection 134 a and the environmental protection of R12. ( Few cars use) Often read a sentence and try open air conditioning normal after a period of time, the wind to the body make the person feels cool, and can quickly reach the set temperature; And air conditioning compressor can work like a refrigerator, a stop for a while, this suggests that is normal, otherwise you may need to refill the refrigerant. Second, the inlet temperature of air conditioning is measured with a thermometer, gas temperature difference value for normal in 8 ℃ above, the bigger the temperature difference of air conditioning work, the better, up to about 15 ℃. The difference less than 8 ℃ may need charging refrigerant. Three, see in the boot after ten minutes, open the cockpit machine panel should see, on the part of heat exchange on the evaporator tubes evenly is full of condensed water, this is normal, the humidity of the air more and less conversely. If half half, is likely to be short of refrigerant, such as local frost or ice are not normal. Fourth, examine the use of more than half of the user, you can see blower pipe joint and the valves have obvious signs of oil spill. If there are any obvious leak, suggests that the machine has a leak, fluorine miscibility because oil, the oil will leak fluoride, fluoride will leak leakage.
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