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Why air conditioning dripping, look at is what are the reasons

by:Arkool     2020-07-15
Many consumers reflect, home air conditioning appear slack phenomenon. Doubt is the product quality problems or where I went wrong? Together let's have a look at the knowledge of the air conditioning is leaking. Air conditioning is leaking want to know why is leaking, you first need to understand the working principle of air conditioning. Air conditioning compressor to compress refrigerant, through valve so that it has expanded to release heat, the temperature of the refrigerant was reduced. Then the refrigerant into the indoor evaporator, through the evaporator contact with indoor air to absorb heat in indoor air, compresses it again and again, such reciprocating cycle, a little heat away the indoor air. And the water vapor in the air in case of low temperature of the evaporator will turn into water, which goes a long way to explaining the reason of the air conditioning dripping. Let's have a look at the concrete reason and solution: air conditioning dripping air conditioning is leaking reason one: indoor machine migration to insecure indoor parts installation shift occurs, indoor machine fixed hangs Taiwan fixed installation is firm, shifting in the long run, lead to a drain raises a side position on the high side, causing drainage difficulty; Indoor machine body level improper installation, indoor machine horizontal installation tilt, pipe crossing direction position excessively high dew outside. Solution: move the air conditioner, with normal liquid level realign the position of air conditioning, balancing or try to lower air conditioner condensate pipe mouth side. Air conditioning is leaking reason two: dew on piping due to the poor quality of the heat preservation material on the pipeline or too thin, or did not completely package, when the refrigerant inside through cause condensation. Solution: this is our common indoor piping dripping phenomenon, this phenomenon occurs, the first thing we should disassemble the tape check insulation aging or installation is in order, such as find gaps or slants thin, can again the parcel. Can replace the aging tape at the same time maintain a copper tube of air conditioning in sealing leakage reason 3: a drain drainage bad or the drain is blocked due to aging relaxation or bend into the wave shape, poor drainage also easy to cause air conditioning dripping phenomenon. Second, lead to outdoor drainage pipe is blocked or drain plug is stolen goods, cause dew can't discharge. Or the drain plug was stolen goods, cause dew can't discharge. Solution: if a drain aging or relaxation need to change a drain, if is clean up dirt block as long as can. Air conditioning is leaking reason 4: heat exchanger drop of heat exchanger is too dirty can cause air conditioning impeded drainage, by this time the indoor machine blade will gather a lot of water and drip. Or was caused by a lack of air conditioning refrigerant heat exchanger uneven temperature, also can produce dripping phenomenon. Solution: clean the heat exchanger, can use commercial detergent washing, brush with wool brush gently, also can use high-power electric hair dryer cold wind blow to dust. Of course, if is a problem of refrigerant ( Through the pressure gauge can be measured) , can only ask professional add refrigerant. The cause of the air conditioning water and solution - Air conditioning separate-bodied air-conditioners drip reason: compressor at work, can produce cold work, while the refrigerant by compression produced cold work, put cold work to leak, so the transmission of cold refrigerant pipe and condenser surface temperature is extremely low. Saturated water vapor in the atmosphere, the water has the property of cooling, liquefy into water, so there is outside the machine 'drip' phenomenon, solution: machine outside water belongs to the normal phenomenon, can be a drain connection pipes can solve this problem, you can also use water container will be collected, used to water the flowers and sweep the floor, etc.
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