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China's air-conditioning using R290 technology won the recognition

by:Arkool     2020-07-05
Recently parties to the Montreal protocol, the open ended working group ( OEWG) 36 conference opened in the French capital Paris, from more than 100 countries and regions of the world's governments and relevant institutions to send representatives to attend, global environmental problems in the process of mutual communication and discussion. China's ministry of environmental protection and international cooperation center, the National Development and Reform Commission, ministry of agriculture experts and other government agencies and universities, the Chinese electrical appliances association and domestic air conditioning machine, compressor enterprise representatives attended the meeting. According to the agenda setting, the conference and related edge will be a core issue still fall in the global hydrogen CFCS ( HCFCs) And HFC ( HFCs) An alternative. In the OEWG during the meeting, the Chinese electrical appliances association will jointly international cooperation center of the ministry of environmental protection ( MEP/FECO) , the United Nations environment programme ( UNEP) , the United Nations industrial development organization ( UNIDO) , Germany international cooperation agency ( GIZ) And the United States energy foundation, EF) , on July 21 and 23 respectively hold two courtside, detailed introduction to the world household air-conditioning industry in China in terms of R290 technology application efforts, actions and results. Among them, on July 21, edge will be subject to & other; China RAC natural alternative as achievements and challenges of working medium & throughout; , 23, will subject is & other Propane throughout the safety of the air conditioner and the standard &; 。 Is the world's largest air conditioning market in our country, the annual production of air conditioning of more than 100 million units, 8 of global production, air-conditioning industry in China in the ODS ( Ozone depleting substances) The choice of alternative material, naturally received great attention around the world. It is understood that in ODS substitute technology, global has more than 70 alternative solutions. Select the HC - in China's air conditioning industry 290 as an alternative. HC - 290 is not destructive to ozone, and GWP ( The greenhouse effect ozeme depletion potential) Close to zero, is known as & other; The natural refrigerant & throughout; 。 Choose the HC - in our country 290 as a new environmental protection refrigerants, air conditioning industry received the Montreal protocol multilateral fund and the support of relevant parties. Shandong yi cool chemical after six months of modification, have the ability of production of high purity hydrogen environmental protection refrigerants. Can be a typical representative of the production propane and isobutane as refrigerant R290 R600a refrigerants, from easy to cool chemical in refrigeration industry closer to a new level! In this thank you all for the new and old customers long-term support and love. We will to the best quality and price to return the vast number of manufacturers, traders, distributors. R290( Propane) Also called cold coal, is a new kind of environmental protection refrigerants, mainly used for central air conditioning, heat pump air conditioner, air conditioning and other small household refrigeration equipment. High purity levels of R290 used as heat medium; Optimal level and the level of R290 can be used as alternative refrigerant R22, r114, compatible with the original system and the lubricating oil, used in central air conditioning, heat pump air conditioner, air conditioning and other small household refrigeration equipment, can also be used for metal oxygen gas.
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