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Automotive air conditioning refrigerant selected?

by:Arkool     2020-07-08
Automotive air conditioning refrigerant currently there are two main types, one is R12, the other one is 134 a ( HFC 134 a) R12, long history and the use of common, but containing chlorine molecules in a gas can damage the ozone layer in the atmosphere and cause the greenhouse effect, so a few years ago the world on behalf of the parties signed the Montreal protocol, regulations to stop the production and use of freon products in recent years, including R12 first. Everything is in the ninety s used varieties, because do not contain chlorine molecule no damage to the ozone layer, the less changes to the car air conditioning system, used by the United Nations organizations recommended, such as guangdong and Hong Kong are referred to as the 'green snow', now many new car air conditioning system at home and abroad to use the 134 a refrigerant. 1, how long need to replace a car air conditioning refrigerant? The use of the environment is more complex, air conditioning system can produce peculiar smell, accumulated a lot of mold and for the maintenance of air conditioning is a must. Two times a year, therefore, we suggest that more appropriate, respectively in the late spring and early summer autumn early winter, clean or replace air conditioning filter is better at the same time. 2, cold media how to choose? A: select non-professional refrigerant can significantly reduce the life of the compressor. Use the original gold refrigerant, such can well protect the compressor. 3, the harm of inferior car air conditioning refrigerant A: inferior car air conditioning refrigerant can damage the car air conditioning system: some false inferior car air conditioning refrigerant is refined but become, in the gas fire explode easily. In addition, because of the bad kind of fluoride, snow to the environment pollution is very large. At the same time, the inferior snow containing chemical composition, can cause leakage, corrosion of car air conditioning hose and plug the expansion valve, result in refrigeration, air conditioning, in turn, damage to the compressor, damage to the car air conditioning system. Containing impurities of inferior snow and compressor lubricants are not compatible, directly affect the lubrication effect, long-term use can lead to loss of compressor lubrication function, damage to the compressor. B: inferior car: automobile air conditioning refrigerant too pit damage by using inferior snow kind of auto parts, exactly how much money to repair it? If air conditioning air conditioning hose aging easy to leak, to replace rubber hose, the original factory to 400, 500 yuan, the high-end models will be expected to 1000 yuan. If the damage to compressor, also want to see different models, if be a $150000 worth of Japanese car, repair the compressor to spend at least 5000 - 8000 yuan. High-grade car replacement compressor, costs and even up to 30000 - 50000 yuan. If the car has been added inferior snow, recommended comprehensive replacement as soon as possible. Inferior the snow kind of added time is not long, may not matter too much, if more than one month, could seriously damage the machine. C: so the owner how to distinguish, in order to protect their car is not damaged? In fact, there are several methods for all production test: a look at packing: printing does not pass are certainly not factory production; See a brand: the owner still had better choose original snow kind of stable quality, small repair shop, is more a less known and inferior brand need to pay attention to the existence of fake snow; Three is to see the price: don't keen on gaining petty advantages goods, best buy 50 yuan of above the snow. Can discern between true and false from the price aspect, the snow kind of different weight, different manufacturers price is different, now there are 200 g, 250 g, 300 g, 300 g, for example, an unknown manufacturer production price in 16 yuan - 19 yuan between, the quality is guaranteed for a manufacturer to produce 50 yuan - 60 yuan a bottle, the snow kind of original brand should be 100 yuan/bottle. He also told the owner, as far as possible choose quality assured brand. Four is the fuel consumption: generally true snow added after, we can reduce the temperature inside the car soon 2 degrees, the voice of the air conditioning will be smaller, and the lubrication effect will be better. Good kind of snow can have the effect of lubrication, air conditioning running noise is small, and theoretically fuel consumption will be less. Often open air conditioning, the compressor oil consumption will increase by 5% - 8%, because of the lubrication, fuel consumption is relatively small. Five is to see appearance: tell the industry actually are some ways: for the sake of manufacturing technology and cost, fake snow kind of general external tank cylinder middle cracks, and really kind of snow is seamless, this kind of method to identify the most simple and easy.
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