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Will grasp the refrigerant emergency measures

by:Arkool     2020-08-07

1, avoid getting into high concentration of water vapor. Although some refrigerants under the condition of normal temperature and pressure is not easy to burn, but under the condition of high pressure and high concentrations of air, the mixture can burn or even an explosion. 2, refrigerant storage should be away from fire and high temperature of the surface of the metal. 3, refrigerants with low toxicity, high doses of inhaled refrigerant ( Such as: R407C) Will lead to anesthesia, very high concentration will lead to abnormal heart rhythm and lead to sudden death. If the concentration of R407C and everything in the closed space high will lead to lack of oxygen asphyxiation. 4, eyes, hands and skin contact with the refrigerant will cause frostbite, need contact please wear freeze protection gloves. 5, with the air mixed gas shall not be used for pressure and leak test. 6, don't make contain refrigerant liquid heating, heating decomposition will produce a strong toxicity and ( R407C strong corrosive) ( Everything excitant) The steam; If the overheating, receiver will explode. 7, do not hit or abuse of refrigerants. 8 and refrigerant cylinder must be vertically. 9, using a suitable wrench open and close of refrigerant valve door. 2 refrigerant leakage and emergency handling refrigerant leakage, come up to a lot of smoke, leak from the surrounding environment has a strong irritating smell; The leak of the equipment, pipeline chills, severe frozen. 

 A, homework personnel protective measures, protective equipment and emergency disposal procedures: 1) Delimit warning zone, according to the influence of the gas area, irrelevant personnel from the lateral wind, the wind to evacuate to the safe zone. 2) , for security, should be far away from the leak location. 3) , advice, emergency treatment personnel Dai Zheng pressure self-contained breathing apparatus, in general work overalls. Prohibit contact or across the leakage. 4) As much as possible, to cut off the leak source. Spray water inhibition of steam or a change in steam flow of cloud, avoid the leakage water contact. 5) A direct hit, ban water leakage or leakage source. Second, the environmental protection measures: 1, cut off the leak source as possible.

 If ventilation is good, can make a small amount of spill evaporation. If a large amount of overflow, ventilate area, and sand or other appropriate absorption materials cover on it. 2) And prevent liquid from entering the drainage pipe, sewage, basement or working in the pit, to prevent the gas through the sewers, ventilation system and spatial diffusion in sealing. Because the steam will cause choking. 3) Leakage, leakage gas allows discharged into the atmosphere, place keep ventilated 4) , in the event of combustion, the use of fire extinguishing media. To the refrigerant tank water, make its cooling; Or use extinguishing equipment. 3 emergency relief measures 1, inhaling low concentration inhaled can irritate the mucous membrane, high concentration of R407C atmosphere will result in anesthesia, including loss of consciousness. High suction will lead to abnormal heart rate and sudden death. Acute poisoning: mild performance for the skin, mucous membrane of stimulus-response, rhinitis, laryngitis, bronchitis; There may be cornea and skin burns. Followed by laryngeal edema, glottis narrow respiratory tract mucous membrane cell falls off, airway obstruction and suffocation, can have toxic pulmonary edema and liver damage. Disposal method: if accidentally inhaled, should put the injured away from the high concentration, in the warm area. If there is need for oxygen. If breathing stops or weak gradually, should undertake artificial respiration, and heal nearby. 2, skin to skin contact splashes of liquid can cause frostbite.

 If the frostbite: 1, keep of soaking in double temperature in 38 to 42 ℃ warm water. 2, don't rub. Do not use hot water or radiant heat. 3, change contaminated clothing. 4, the use of clean, dry dressing dress, go to a doctor. Warning: after frostbite, clothes may be pasted into the skin. 3, with eyes splashes of liquid can cause frostbite, crystal turbidity, corneal perforation, and even blindness. If not careful eyes, should be used immediately wash eyedrops or clean water to rinse, at least 15 minutes may not close their eyes. Go to a doctor immediately. 4, eat this kind of situation is unlikely to - But once occurred, will lead to frostbite. Do not force vomiting. If the injured have consciousness, should use clear water to clean mouth, and make them drink 200 - up 300 ml of water. Immediately go to a doctor, medical treatment and further medical support. For R407C, due to the arm will lead to heart disease, should avoid to use adrenaline and similar kind of sympathetic nerve medicine.
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