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The use of refrigerant R410a and R22 refrigerant guide

by:Arkool     2020-06-17
Compared to at present the most popular refrigerant R22, R410a has many advantages in performance, and good heat transfer. The main performance advantage is embodied in the following aspects: 1, compared with R22, R410a system has a significant advantage: 35% higher heat transfer of evaporator, condenser of heat transfer is 5% higher. 2, work pressure than as its cycle 22 will be 57% higher, the unit volume refrigerating capacity than as 22 about 43% larger than as refrigeration coefficient 22 small about 7. And as 7%, the rest of the parameters Basic close to 22. 3, under the same mass flow rate, pressure drop of R410a is small. 4, match the R410a system than R22 system can be used in a small volume of condenser and evaporator, and up to 30% less filled volume of the refrigerant. 5, compressor compression loss is lower, in the process of evaporator and condenser has better heat transfer, pressure drop across the system smaller, so cold in the same amount, the same condensation temperature of system, R410a system eer ( COP) More than 6% higher than that of R22 system. Second, installation and maintenance matters needing attention: 1 is higher than that of R22, R410a refrigerant pressure about 1. About 6 times, when installing a R410a refrigerant air conditioning, using R410a special tools and materials, pay attention to safety operation. 2, please don't put R410a refrigerant outside air mixed with air conditioning refrigerant circulation line. If mixed with air and gas, will lead to abnormal high pressure refrigerant circulation pipeline, the main cause of the circulation line rupture, crack. 3, if the refrigerant leakage in the interior, once contact with open flame will form of toxic gases. 4, and other cold media use before different, vulnerable to moisture, oxidation layer, grease, etc. The influence of impurity content, therefore, sufficient attention should be paid during operation, use clean pipe, prevent moisture, etc. 5, because the azeotropic mixture refrigerant R410a is a kind of simulation, when add refrigerant, using liquid way add. Said in add refrigerant with a refrigerant container and electronic, according to the weight measurement. 6, use air conditioning, a R410a refrigerant pressure than traditional R - 22 a much bigger air conditioning refrigerant, therefore, in choice of materials, must be compatible with R410a. In the market to buy the wall thickness of 0. 7 mm copper tube, absolutely can't use. 7, R410a pressure is higher, cannot use the before even more inventory. High standard and the low pressure table difference with previous products. When buying pressure gauge can refer to the following parameters. Eight, in R410a refrigerant but with vacuum pump oil ( Mineral oil) , will produce chemical reaction, generate sludge, cause the damage of the air-conditioning unit. 9, R410a refrigerant container, direct use of refrigerant in the name of the annotation, at the same time, also according to the requirements of the United States ARI color annotations ( Pink) 。 R - before 10, cannot use The detection of 22 products. You must use the high sensitivity for HFC refrigerant leak detector.
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