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The difference between the refrigerant R404A and R507 -

by:Arkool     2020-07-17
Refrigerant is also called the refrigerating agent, is the lifeblood of the refrigeration system in general, a lot of places called snow, cold media or freon. It is a cycle in the refrigeration system and through its own change of state in order to realize the refrigeration work material. Refrigerant in the evaporator absorbed by the cooling medium ( With air or water, etc. ) Heat and evaporation, in the heart of the condenser heat transfer to the surrounding air or water and condensation. Refrigerant R404A and R507 application in environmental testing equipment: suitable for high and low temperature test chamber, constant temperature and humidity test chamber, such as hot and cold impact test chamber with low temperature refrigeration system equipment. The difference between the refrigerant R404A and R507 1. Refrigerant R404A is by R125 / R143a/everything by 44% / 52% 4% mixed together, R507 consists of R125 / R143a by 50% / 50% mixed together, look from the composition of mixed composition of R404A three ingredients already contains two R507 ingredients. Both kinds of refrigerant ODP is zero, does not damage the ozone layer. 2. R404A and R507 pressure, temperature, pressure on the table data show that the pressure is almost the same between them, the system will not cause any influence, if people usually pay attention to the use of system components, especially the expansion valve on the label that is Shared by R404A and R507. 3. R404A is azeotrope, liquid filling must be used when filling, and R507 is azeotrope. 4. Everything to be increased by mass transfer resistance in R404A reduced the heat transfer coefficient is a message, and the heat transfer coefficient of R507 above R404A. 5. Use the results from the current producers, R507 effect than R404A cooling speed is faster. 6. From the price comparison, R507 is 30 - higher than R404A - - - - - - 40%. 7. R404A and R507A various performance close to, the compressor power consumption is higher than R507A R404A 2. 86%; Low-pressure compressor exhaust temperature is higher than R507A 0. 58%, high pressure compressor exhaust temperature is higher than R507A 2. 65%; The COP is higher than R507A 0. 01; The middle temperature is lower than R507A 6. 14%.
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