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Simple steps and matters needing attention of refrigerant filling

by:Arkool     2020-07-15
When try leakage of cooling system after everything checked out, should be filling refrigerant. But the freon refrigeration system, before filling refrigerant in the system must also by vacuum drying process. Not completely dry, not filling refrigerant. Refrigerant filling method is as follows: ( 1) The refrigerant filling, first of all should be on the high side. Connection refrigerant liquid bottle and the system of charging valve, before tightening the charging valve joint, opened the door of fluid cylinder valves, rinse the impurities in the pipeline and air. ( 2) The refrigerant bottle upside down, or tilted at least thirty. Place. Best placed on the platform scale, along with the packing, constantly adjust their point of view, in order to make the liquid all net, at the same time can also be weighing filling quantity. ( 3) To the condenser and the cold storage refrigeration machine cylinder liner cooling water. ( 4) Close the dryer by-pass valve, open the dryer entrance valve, and electromagnetic valve in the conduction system. ( 5) Slightly opened the door of refrigerant cylinder valves, when the system pressure rises to 2 ~ 3 kj/cm2, check for leaks around again. ( 6) After all normal, open the refrigerator, but don't pay attention to the suction pressure is too low. Inspiratory pressure is lower than the O k/cm2, should stop the machine operation, when the pressure to start again. Should be paid attention to when using water evaporator, cooling water temperature and flow, to prevent freezing. ( 7) After filling, stop, close the charging valve and open the dryer by-pass valve, close the dryer entrance valve. In the process of filling refrigerant, drop in the temperature of the refrigerant cylinder, pressure is reduced, the available water heat booster, must not be allowed to use fire or heat with steam. On the freon refrigeration system, after filling, should be replaced immediately desiccant.
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