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Explosive and the conventional characteristics and applications of refrigerant R290 refrigerant R32

by:Arkool     2020-07-31
In general, easy to explosive refrigerants in transportation, the application will have certain disadvantages, is also one of the refrigerant type of high attention. And is currently widely used 32 refrigerants and R290A refrigerant is a typical explosive refrigerants. See in what are the characteristics of it, they know that there is no danger. R290( Hydrocarbon refrigerants) Product introduction and operating safety and health hazards: a simple asphyxia and anesthetic effect. 1% propane brief contact and do not cause symptoms; Concentration below 10%, only cause mild dizziness; Can appear when contact with high levels of anesthesia, loss of consciousness; Very high concentrations can cause choking. Dangerous characteristic: flammable gas, mixed with air to form explosive mixture, heat and flame is in danger of burning explosion. Small amount of filling and the amount of refrigerant R290 is only 40% ~ 55% of R22, R410a, less dosage, more economical. Low freezing point, latent heat of evaporation is bigger, makes the unit time cool faster; Small isentropic compression than power, make compressor work more easily, extend the service life of the compressor; Small molecular weight, good liquidity, lower delivery pressure, reduce the load of the compressor. Use of R290 refrigerants, energy-saving rate can reach 15-35%. R290 'flammable and explosive' the deadly disadvantage of highly destructive. R290 can form explosive mixture mixed with air, heat and flame is in danger of burning explosion. This leads to production line and product safety problems. 'Is afraid of ten thousand but one thousand' psychological, once in the country in case of R290 air conditioning blast will cause consumer panic, as a result, the domestic production and promotion of R290 refrigerant air conditioning is very cautious. R32 refrigerant R22 alternative basic properties are R32, R32 refrigerant ozone-destroying ozeme depletion potential ( ODP) Coefficient values (0, global warming GWP) 0. 11, work pressure and R410A. Under the same refrigerating capacity, R32 filling amount is only about two-thirds of R22. R32 than R290 with only low flammability, compared with R410A, R32 coefficient of global warming is only about a third of the former, these advantages make it become the most potential one of the main substitute for R22. R32 of energy-saving, green, do not damage the ozone layer also become one of the modern new refrigerant of refrigerant. So pay more attention to the general characteristics of refrigerant and safe use of rules, flammable and explosive of various models, don't literally used as refrigerant amateurs filling by youself, lest hurt its own security.
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