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Everything refrigerant alternative refrigerant R12 technical requirements

by:Arkool     2020-07-11
Everything refrigerant is a replacement for the environment-friendly refrigerant of refrigerant R12, although everything refrigeration has similar to refrigerant R12 thermal physical properties, but there are some technical requirements in the process of replacement. 1, relative to the refrigerant R12, R134a has a refrigerant technology requirements for refrigeration system components ( 1) Everything of the refrigerant compressor selection should be larger than the cylinder volume level. ( 2) Everything refrigerant capillary should be 10% ~ 15% than the capillary length of refrigerant R12. ( 3) Everything refrigerant in the evaporator and condenser can remain the same, also can increase the area of the condenser in order to reduce the condensing pressure appropriately. ( 4) Everything filled volume of the refrigerant to be reduced by 10% ~ 15%. ( 5) The XH - 7 or XH - 9 type filter drier. 2, refrigerant R134a has a purity technical requirements ( 1) Purity: & ge; 99. 95% ( 2) The evaporation residue: & le; 10ppm ( 3) Acid ( In HCI) :勒; 1ppm ( 4) Water: & le; 10ppm ( 5) CFC and as: & le; 100 parts per million (PPM) 3, everything is the purity of the automobile air conditioning refrigerant refrigeration system, water content, vacuum technology requirements ( 1) Cleanliness and water content; (1) cooling pipe: moisture content: & le; 100mg/m2( Internal surface area) ; Impurity: quality & le; 60mg/m2( Internal surface area) 。 (2) compressor: moisture content: & le; 100 mg /; Impurity: quality & le; 100 mg/units. ( 2) Vacuum (1) single vacuum, vacuum gauge display values should be & le; 60Pa; Vacuum time should be & ge; For 30 minutes. (2) on both sides of vacuum, vacuum gauge display values should be & le; 60Pa; Vacuum time & ge; 15 minutes. 4, R134a has a refrigerant system using new materials and parts ( 1) New materials: everything refrigerant medium, lipid, XH - oil 7 or XH - 9 and desorption. ( 2) New parts: everything auto refrigerant compressor; Use a dry filter everything refrigerants.
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