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Common freon refrigerant and liquid ammonia refrigerants compared advantages and disadvantages

by:Arkool     2020-05-29
The study found that can be used as refrigerant refrigeration industry only dozens of different material, but also more than ten kinds of commonly used in industrial refrigeration. Then using liquid ammonia and freon in succession. Now, the water is used only for injection and absorption refrigerants, sulfur dioxide is used for the raw material of dry ice. Sulfur dioxide and chlorine methane have now almost don't have to. Currently widely used in the compression machine refrigerant liquid ammonia and freon. Liquid ammonia liquid ammonia is a refrigerant in general use in industry. It has the advantage of low boiling point, moderate pressure, refrigerating capacity is big, the unit volume throttling losses small, dissolved water, leakage was found, the price is low. Liquid ammonia itself also has its unavoidable disadvantages: toxic, stimulation, when contact with water for copper and its alloy ( Except for phosphor bronze) Corrosive, mixed with air explosion, high temperature decomposition of volatile. Freon freon is the halogen derivative of saturated hydrocarbons, their molecular general formula is: CmHnFxIyBrz, and there are 2 m + 2 = n + + y + z xo. Most of freon refrigerant is non-toxic and tasteless. Don't burn under refrigeration system temperature, no explosion danger, and good thermal stability. Freon big molecular weight of the wettability of metal. The downside is the refrigerating capacity is small, the unit volume throttling loss is big, than major, number of thermal conductivity is small. Flame stimuli will decompose into toxic gas, it is expensive. In recent years, scientific studies have found that freon with a strong damage of atmospheric ozone layer, is one of the important causes to produce the greenhouse effect. Freon refrigerant R12 (which are frequently used CF2Cl2) ,R22( CHF2Cl2) , including R12 RGE of greenhouse effect relative coefficient is 1. 0. Freon refrigerant and ammonia refrigerant which is better? About this problem, the library of China refrigeration expert will bring your users to a detailed comparison. Ammonia refrigeration system, just as its name implies is to use eucalyptus to act as the refrigeration system of refrigerant, because the love fluid of low prices, good evaporating temperature, daily needs spending maintenance is less, so is the most common refrigerants. And freon refrigeration system is to use the service to act as refrigerants, than ammonia refrigerant, the use of freon cost will be high, but the cooling effect is far higher than that of ammonia refrigerating machine, its price is quite high. Second, freon refrigeration system cooling pipe is quite complex, of an ammonia refrigeration system, the use of safe is the biggest advantage of freon refrigeration system. It is well known that ammonia refrigerant quite volatile and diffusion, with its strong excitant odour, can damage the body's respiratory tract and skin mucous membrane, a certain amount of damage to human body health; Especially when the ammonia concentration of air reaches a certain extent, it also may encounter fire explosion phenomenon, to use to do a good job of tight leakage protection.
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