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Cleaning air conditioning refrigeration system we need to do?

by:Arkool     2020-03-25
< p> in the air conditioning compressor motor insulation breakdown, turn-to-turn short circuit or winding burned, because the motor burned to produce a large number of acidic oxides and make the refrigeration system is polluted. Therefore, except to replace compressor, capillary and filter drier, but also to the entire refrigeration system for a thorough cleaning. < / p> < p> pollution degree of cooling system can be divided into: mild to severe. Light pollution in frozen oil cooling system when not pollution, out of the compressor process pipe refrigerant and frozen oil, oil color is transparent. If use litmus test, with pale yellow oil ( Normal white) 。 Severe pollution is serious, when open the compressor process pipe, immediately can smell tar, from process pipe frozen oil, and pour out black color, use litmus paper into oil, 5 minutes later, the color of the paper into a red. Cleaning air conditioning system with detergent for R113. Cleaning before you release the refrigeration system of refrigerant in the pipeline, remove the compressor, release a small amount of frozen oil from the process pipe check its color, smell, and see the presence of foreign impurities, the degree of pollution in order to make clear the refrigeration system. < / p> < p> cleaning process is as follows: first the detergent R113 injection liquid trough, then priming pump operation, began to clean. For mild pollution, as long as the loop 1 hour or so. And serious pollution, need 3 - - - - - - - 4 hours. After washing, cleaning agent can be recycled, but can be treated before use, liquid detergent in the receiver from the tube. If long time cleaning, cleaning agent is dirty, filter can block the dirt, cleaning and filter should be changed later. Wash finished, respond to be nitrogen refrigeration piping and dry processing. < / p> < p> filter and pump in the dry processing must be with the pipe section disconnect. And in hydraulic pipe, pipettes install blind flange plate, and then use vacuum pump to vacuum system, in the process of pumping air into vacuum state, at the same time to cooling pipe waft hot outside, to facilitate rapid drying. Finally by as-is cooling pipe installed to replace a new compressor and filter. < / p> < p> note: < / p> < p> (1) in order to avoid leakage of cleaner, pressure hose should be adopted, the joint part must use tape wrap tightly. < / p> < p> (2) the use of the expansion valve model, to get rid of the expansion valve, to by-pass pipe instead. < / p> < p> if (3) into the water for cooling system, must be the water net. < / p> < p> acid (4) generated by the compressor burned, must pay attention to use nitrogen blowing off. < / p>
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