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Automobile air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor, how to deal with car air conditioning is not cold

by:Arkool     2020-07-06
Hot day, no one want to car air conditioning can give a little, but many owners reflected, the irritating air-conditioning outlet as if it was supposed to odds and we generally, out of the air conditioning is not cold. Automobile air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor what should I do? So what do we know about the car air conditioning is not cold today. Four solutions to air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor: 1, of course, we choose the simple and direct method, then adjust the direction of the wind, according to the principle of air convection, heat is going up, going down and air conditioners. So, we should put air-conditioning outlet to the oblique upper part, using the law of heat up cooling down, in the process of cold air drop, can give the car rapidly cooling, at the same time pay attention to in front of the air conditioning outlet, try not to put ornaments, will affect the air conditioning refrigeration effect. 2, if it doesn't work, then there should be a little more to link. Check the air filter, if your car for a long time have no for maintenance, it is likely to be affected is mesh too dirty air conditioning refrigeration effect, that is about to clean or replace the air filter. And replace the air filter method is simple, generally speaking, the air conditioning filter behind the glove box, if your car is not, please refer to the user manual in detail, the new air conditioning filter must be installed in the direction of the import and export right. 3, condenser too dirty may cause poor cooling effect, the car in front of air conditioner condenser, cleaning method has simple also have trouble, you can direct the pipe of condenser to wash; In addition to unpick and wash, this method need to take out the condenser, ensure that the clean degree of cleaning. If you don't want to yourself, or to the professional car wash. 4 or too little refrigerant refrigeration dose line or lack of air conditioning system is insufficient, the pressure is reduced, smaller, heat along with refrigeration bad will happen. At this moment need to refill refrigerants, by the way, check for leaks. If the above measures still doesn't work, so this means that the air conditioning system failure, such as compressor damage and damage of expansion valve, the suggestion to the professional maintenance shop or 4 s shop for maintenance.
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