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Add refrigerant refrigeration equipment, how to rely on spectrum

by:Arkool     2020-07-03
Refrigeration equipment is now walk into homes, many people choose to refrigeration equipment, lies in its tall, beautiful, save a space, but often ignore the use the matters needing attention of late refrigeration equipment. As we know, after years of development and improvement, refrigeration equipment technical level gradually improve, will have less problems in the quality, as long as we choose of the brand, general won't appear quality problem. But at the same time, the installation process complex, spare parts and auxiliary material variety, master professional degree is uneven, resulting in use in the late, will appear all sorts of small fault or events. Caused by inadequate with refrigerant, among them can't normal refrigeration problems are common. Obviously, the refrigerator shall make up. So consumers should look for who to supplement the refrigerant? Consumers may have scoffed, looking for who supplement is not added, anyway add refrigerant central air conditioning can run normally not line? The price data may give to everyone here will make you feel somewhat surprised in the first place. Looking for a manufacturer and looking for regular maintenance of price difference is very big, also the lack of refrigerant, looking for a manufacturer to add refrigerant, prices in 7800 yuan, and looking for regular maintenance, may only need two or can be done. That there is difference in where? Mainly embodied in two aspects. The difference between the refrigerant itself. Refrigerants, refrigerant manufacturer for original factory or brand unified requirements of refrigerants, the cost may be a lot higher than the normal maintenance of refrigerants, and high efficiency of the original refrigerants, and regular maintenance to use the original factory refrigerants, reducing the use efficiency of central air conditioning. Refrigerant adding process differences. Control and manufacturers add refrigerant more standardization, according to the standard process, vacuum pump to the negative pressure, maintain 4 hours confirm there is no water vapor, pipeline connection factory refrigerant refrigeration equipment and computer view parameters, add to the stated value. So make sure to maximize efficiency. This point, the ordinary maintenance can not be implemented strictly. For refrigeration equipment, as long as it is without funnelled to the machine, unless it is caused by moving or damaged pipeline refrigerants, ten years all don't need to add refrigerant, also is the need to add refrigerant frequency is very low, compare the manufacturer and the price difference of ordinary maintenance add refrigerant and the service efficiency of different form the difference, consumers can make a rough judgment. Different brands have different policy, of course, many brands in the warranty period is add refrigerant can provide consumers with free services, consumers can first contact factory consultation to do judgment.
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