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A new cooling technology can save power for wuhan 3 billion a year

by:Arkool     2020-07-05
Recently, the hubei LuLeng high-tech energy saving technology co. , LTD. , in a news release said that the development of ice quaternary mixed refrigerants, to the technology products to replace the whole wuhan, freon refrigerant, can save power of 3 billion degrees, about 2355000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. The current environmental issues increasingly prominent, because of the widespread adoption of CFC refrigeration and air conditioning heat pump industry ( Freon) And as the material of the ozone layer damage and produce the greenhouse effect, the industry around the world face a serious challenge. According to statistics, at present the wuhan still use freon refrigeration equipment ( 氯氟化碳) Refrigerant accounted for about 95%, using environmental protection can not meet the energy saving effect of refrigerant ( HFC) Only 5%. Only in wuhan city household air conditioner, for example, air conditioning installed has more than 10 million units, the average according to the power of 1000 w/boot time 1200 hours per year, calculation, the total power of 12 million kw, the power consumption can be 12 billion degrees, according to the international household electricity emissions of carbon dioxide ( Kg) = power degree & times; 0. 785 standard, at least 9420000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. According to current situation of wuhan city carbon emissions, LuLeng hi-tech executive director sujing was said that carbon emissions reduction focus on eliminating freon ( 氯氟化碳) And elimination of freon tasks and work, is to hold firmly to the industrial and commercial refrigeration, indoor air conditioning and automotive air-conditioning these three areas of freon ( 氯氟化碳) Refrigerant selection. Hubei LuLeng said, the company developed ice four yuan is mixed refrigerant freon substitution material, referred to as 'HB. Add a kind of flame retardant elements in the material, more economical and practical. It is understood that the material has been put into all enterprises and institutions of hubei province in 2012, energy-saving effect is very significant. Binjiang pavilion hotel in wuhan as an example, the hotel's small central air conditioner was installed on each floor, using the old unit. On June 28, 2013, the hotel did the holidays can change data values before and after contrast records, the results show that the use of HB to replace the original floor of refrigerant power saving rate up to 23. 51%, the hotel to be used in a wide range of HB after replacement, save electricity bills for the hotel nearly one hundred thousand yuan per year on average. In addition, HB, mengniu and other large enterprises in China mobile energy-saving reform experiment has achieved good performance. Some experts speculate that if the HB to replace all the freon refrigerant of wuhan city, can save power of 3 billion degrees, about 2355000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions. If realized in hubei province to replace, can save a year out of a total capacity of the three gorges power station.
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