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Working principle of the air conditioning refrigerant is what air conditioning refrigerant

by:Arkool     2020-07-25
When the air conditioning refrigeration result is bad, sometimes is because of lack of air conditioning refrigerant, need to add air conditioning refrigerant. So what is the air conditioning refrigerant? What is the working principle of air conditioning refrigerant? In this issue we have to introduce you to air conditioning refrigerant and its working principle. Refrigerant is also called the refrigerating agent, is the working medium of refrigeration cycle, the use of phase change of the refrigerant to transfer heat, both the refrigerant in the evaporator vaporization heat absorption, condensed in the condenser heat release. In one, the operation principle of air conditioning refrigeration runs, after low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas is the compressor suction pressure into the high temperature and high pressure gas refrigerants, refrigerant of high temperature and high pressure gas passes through the condenser ( General air conditioning is air cooled, namely the cooling tubes outdoor) Heat release in the outdoor heat exchanger, become a medium temperature high pressure liquid ( Heat away by circulating air outdoor) , and medium temperature high pressure liquid into the low temperature low pressure liquid after capillary expansion depressurization, pass through the low temperature low pressure liquid refrigerant evaporator ( Indoor machine of brass) Heat evaporates into low temperature low pressure gas ( Indoor air through the heat exchanger surface is cooling, achieve the purpose of make indoor temperature drops) , and the low temperature low pressure refrigerant gas in the compressor, so cycle. Air conditioning refrigerant air conditioning refrigerant in general, air conditioning refrigerants in air conditioning system is a compression - - - - - - - Condensation - - - - - - - Inflation - - - - - - - A cycle of evaporation. Second, the add method under atmospheric pressure, R410A is a chlorine fluoroalkane non azeotropic mixed refrigerant, colorless gas, storage in the cylinder. In combination with R410a [ 1] Features, to a certain type of room air conditioner system by using R410a alternative HCFC22 application practice, the theoretical analysis and system matching. The experimental results show that, under the same conditions, relative to the HCFC22, improve the heat transfer coefficient, flow resistance drop, through the system optimization matching design, performance ( 警察) Increased sharply, to achieve A grade level of energy efficiency in European market. Usually we may be using low pressure filling and static injectors. 1. From the low voltage refrigeration and air-conditioning with tears, when added to 0. 35 ~ 0. 55 mpa can, to observe the air-conditioning refrigeration effect. If you can, high pressure no more than 2. 2Mpa。 2. When air conditioning stopped, from the add fluoride fluorine. When the system pressure reaches 0. 8 to 0. 9 for appropriate 3 mpa. Run to let air conditioning refrigeration 30 minutes, do careful inspection. 4. When filling the right way, the filling must take your time, add a little let air conditioning running after 10 minutes, and then test the pressure and current, unavoidably again by several times, not to as standard pressure and current at the time, in that case, may have been added. When winter to add fluoride, can disconnect the four-way valve coil, can also make indoor thermal head to open refrigeration can refrigeration temperature is reached. Sometimes also can let air conditioning in the dehumidification mode, it is not very tall to the requirement of temperature.
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