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Winter is short of fluorine air conditioning? Collect these fault phenomenon and fluorine method

by:Arkool     2020-05-16
Yesterday said that the temperature drop drop, refrigeration and air conditioning in today to turn the heating, refrigeration and air conditioning for a long time in cold weather only to find that the heating effect is not very good, it can bring us freezing. Cold winter weather, increase the utilization rate of air conditioning, maintenance quantity will increase, not a common cause of poor heating or heating effect is the lack of fluorine. So under heating condition, the failure phenomenon of fluorine and what are the precautions for add fluoride? Together and see it! A, the phenomenon of air conditioning after the lack of fluorine compressor continuous operation after 30 minutes, if the lack of fluorine in the refrigeration system, and can appear the following phenomena: 1, the trachea valve dry, touch no obvious sense of cool. The reason is that an insufficient refrigerant inside the evaporator boiling endpoints, ahead of the valve's refrigerant hypertrophy, raise the temperature of the valve, funnelled more than outdoor air temperature. 2, liquid pipe valve frost. The reason is the lack of fluorine in fluid pipe pressure drop, the boiling point is reduced, the valve temperature below freezing. 3, open the indoor machine panel, remove the filter, can be found that part of the evaporator dew or frost. The reason is caused by a lack of refrigerant, only make part of the evaporator boiling heat absorption, reduce cooling area of the corresponding. There are no thermal, seg exhaust. The reason is lack of refrigerant results in the decrease of condensing pressure and condensation temperature, exhaust temperature decreases. 5, drainage tube drainage intermittent or no drainage. The reason is that the evaporator cooling area to reduce, also reduce condensation area, condensation water volume is reduced. 6, outdoor air, liquid valve oil, the oil pollution is the leakage. The reason for this is that refrigerant and frozen oil has certain solubility, fluorine from funnelled to escape into the atmosphere, and oil adhesion around funnelled. 7, measure the working current is less than the rated current of the air conditioner. The reason is lack of refrigerant and reduce compression mechanic load and current. 8, the pressure from the fluoride mouth filling outdoor measuring less than 0. 45Mpa。 The reason is lack of refrigerant caused evaporation pressure drop. In addition, any outdoor valves frost are not normal phenomenon; Only the liquid pipe valve frost shows lack of fluoride; Only trachea frost shows slightly 'lack of fluorine valve or the environment temperature is too low; Two valves are frosted system has a quadratic throttling phenomena. 2, 1, and the points for attention during the fluoride and fluorine in heating mode, do not add fluoride in cooling mode, because the cooling mode for refrigeration pressure judgment, fluorine in cooling mode more or less some performance is not obvious, and transition to the heating effect after heating mode difference is very big. 2, when the heating mode, for the convenience of fluorine, can be indoor machine of four-way valve coil control line down, or find a four-way valve of the zero line should be pulled out, make the system to cooling mode ( Pay attention to the computer board still according to the heating mode control, when the maintenance time is longer, if system into the defrosting state, can be pulled the plug, such as plugging it again after 3 minutes) So that it is easily from maintenance mouth added fluoride. When think, almost, the four-way valve line thrum and plug connected and see whether normal pressure and current. If not normal, then repeated the above operation, until the normal heating. In addition, in the cooling mode connect pressure gauge pressure gauge and removal are safe, because the pressure is low. Note: the actual operation, good wearing gloves will be more safe. 3, pay attention to choose good quality connecting pipe ( Such as the Swiss brand compound table, although expensive but of good quality, durability, security) To prevent pipe explosion cuts. 4, fluorine and the heating effect is not good, should be redundant fluoride release or withdrawn. The temperature of the outlet and inlet temperature should be greater than 15 ℃. Under normal circumstances, the highest temperature with a thermometer measured outlet, should be heating the best condition, at this moment to stop and fluorine. 5, you must be aware of for mixed refrigerant charging methods, such as: R407C ( One of R22 alternative) Must be in a liquid filling, to ensure that the three component proportion is correct, it will greatly affect heating effect, R407C is composed of R32, R125, are the main reasons why everything three kinds of refrigerants were 23%, 25% and 52% according to the proportion of mixture, when in gaseous filling, will change its characteristics. 6, for frequency conversion air conditioning, should press indoor 'run' on the switch, add fluoride, under the running state when the compressor running frequency constant, filling accurately. To combine the outlet pressure, current, temperature, inlet temperature, indoor and outdoor heat exchanger surface parameters such as temperature, comprehensive judgment to add fluoride is normal.
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