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Why refrigerant prices continue to rise

by:Arkool     2020-04-04
< p> in the environmental protection of raw materials and production has always strictly regulated under the background of refrigerants, add refrigerant coming season every year, product prices are expected to still have upside. Recommend choosing shandong zixiang chemical sales co. , LTD. < / p> < p> support rating of HF and the main points of the refrigerant product price rising. Since 2017, HF and main varieties of refrigerant prices rose sharply, in addition to everything, price increases more than 100%, of which R32 mark-up, as of early March 2018, up nearly 200%. < / p> < p> HF and refrigerant production are affected by the environmental protection is larger. Belong to for hydrofluoric acid, the production technology of high requirement of environmental protection, security, and so on. And according to the statistics, the domestic production capacity under 30000 tons of HF enterprises accounted for 45%, sustained tighter which many companies such as environmental protection, safety exit. Refrigerant, on the other hand, the enterprise the difficult cause waste acid waste acid ZhangKu, many companies are forced to reduce the work load leads to a lack of supply. < / p> < p> in order to increase the export of domestic overseas fluorine chemical industry capacity closures upgrade. In 2017 China's exports to the United States single working medium refrigerant doubled, which respectively year-on-year exports increase R32 ( 204. 94%) 、R125( 132. 93%) 、R143a( 76. 9%) If deducted the mixed refrigerant volume reduction, total export growth is still present situation. Reasons for the increase of export, mainly overseas fluorine chemical enterprise, or for environmental policy reasons, or because of the pursuit of higher yields, have shut down a lot of traditional refrigerant capacity. And a period of time in China, by contrast, the second and third generation of refrigerant production time, the old refrigeration equipment used to eliminate from the start, generally need 8 ~ 10 years, this led to the second and third generation refrigerants in overseas still have larger demand, China's exports is expected to be high. < / p> < p> 2017 air-conditioning production and sales booming, 2018 shoulds not be too pessimistic. Since 2017, refrigerator and air conditioner production volume have larger growth, for the sharp rise in the demand of refrigerant emerged. In 2018, the growth of real estate sales and area may fall further, to the refrigerator, air conditioning demand will have a certain degree of influence. Nor overly pessimistic, but we think the reason is that: first, 2016 - 2017 domestic air conditioning exports accounted for nearly 30%, especially since the beginning of 2018, the air conditioning record Numbers exports; Secondly, due to the refrigerator, the service life of air conditioning for a decade or so commonly, upgrading of refrigerator, air conditioner peak demand is coming; And with the car ownership has increased, automotive air-conditioning maintenance market is also not small. Again, in recent years, with the improvement of urbanization rate, refrigerator, air conditioner is mainly to three or four line city market, in three or four line city of permeability increasing, to a certain extent will promote the production and marketing. < / p> < p> < / p>
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