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Why high profit prospects for R22 refrigerant underdog?

by:Arkool     2020-07-09
Weak economic environment in domestic and world run today, large chemical industry generally in excess capacity, weak demand under the serious negative factors such as low profit run. But as a national policy under control quantity of freon - products Two fluorine monochloro methane ( R22) In the past two years, still can maintain 25% 45% of the profit space! According to zhuo and understand information, in low negative profit under the market, the industry as a whole freon R22 refrigerant in leading producers to profit. 1. Happiness place to lean on, under the usury undercurrent surging itself under a serious excess capacity is bad of methylene fluoride a chloride ( R22) After 2012 is on the path of the falling prices, producers continue shipment at cost price. However, in 2014, the state of R22 as refrigerant, foaming agent industry after the quota management, to supply quantitative factors lead to the rising prices more than 40%. However, human factors under the market environment is the strong hidden trouble, under the usury, & other; YongFu & throughout; Strongly impact, underground factory production scheduling with the supply of R22 & other; Quantitative & throughout; Good! In 2015, according to zhuo gen information about in the air conditioning industry production decline significantly, maintenance channel under the weak market demand, the underground factory for R22 refrigerant under quota price shock is very strong. In the second half of the year so far, the price drop as much as 20%. 2. Prices drop sharply under R22 refrigerant is still considerable profit by the end of October 8, 2015, the domestic main enterprise R22 refrigerant aproll ex-factory price fell to 10000 yuan/tons, in spite of the heavy falls in the market, producers in the unit profit space is still to be reckoned with. Zhuo, according to data and information on October 8, chloroform in shandong district aproll price is in 1470 yuan/ton, hydrofluoric acid to the price is in 6800 yuan/tons, after calculation, manufacturers processing cost is controlled in 7800 yuan/ton, R22 in 28% profit space. 3. Under the cold years R22 refrigerant in the future market opportunities according to zhuo and understand information, R22 refrigerant market prices in 2014 major power supply from the quota system & other; Quantitative & throughout; , and to the quota of refrigerant R22 environmental protection in the future will continue to shrink until completely disappeared in 2040. That is to say, in the next 25 years, the market supply of refrigerant R22 will continue to decline, from the point of subjective, R22 refrigerant itself is still in the indirect protected by policy environment, stable in market demand, the underground factory after both sides of the clear policy or market, price of R22 refrigerant will still have obvious rise space. 4. At present is hovering R22 refrigerant high market risk from the current market situation, future demand for R22 refrigerant pressure had suffered from three aspects: the first. Substitute gradually sprout and by policy. According to zhuo and understand information, the current domestic and even world mainstream air-conditioning manufacturing enterprises are gradually increasing R32 and R290 air conditioner production, in order to achieve the result that replace R22, but developed from domestic actual situation, R290 air conditioner manufacturers production enthusiasm, R32 air conditioner technology has yet to mature. In the second. Air conditioner production slowdown in recent years, the production decline phenomenon occurring in the individual. As the domestic real estate industry malaise, air-conditioning manufacturers sell also suffer from great pressure. Zhuo, according to data and information in recent years the air conditioner production growth maintained at about 8%, but in the 2015 testing data, air conditioning yield is about 6% year-on-year decline, the air conditioning industry demand for refrigerant R22 prospects are not look good. In the third. Service market demand is weak, fake surplus in dilute demand. According to zhuo and information to know, on the one hand, the underground factory constantly impact shipment under quota of R22 refrigerant resources at the same time, the conventional factory also against to the methylene chloride to R22 refrigerant cylinders & other; Procuring & throughout; , under the market environment of weak demand, indirect amplification R22 refrigerant quota resources, increase the industry & other; Excess & throughout; A bearish. Heald above, zhuo gen information that although R22 refrigerant units profit space is very high, but simply in terms of investment, even if in the future as the quota of winding down cause a downturn of the supply side, and with the supplement of the alternative and the decline in demand, price of R22 refrigerant difficult has obvious improvement in the future.
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