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Why gree frequency conversion air conditioning and snow and charging method?

by:Arkool     2020-07-28
Winter at the end, it also will be more and more hot, air conditioning also began to busy, idle air conditioning also began to prepare for work, if the air conditioning system not ling, there are usually two reasons, one is that the ash layer ( This is to regularly clean) , the second is to make the fluoride, leakage and snow planted, easy steps can solve kinds of problems. Snow is a call for air conditioning refrigerant we, in fact, it should be said that fluorine, refrigeration, air conditioning refrigerant is needed to when the air conditioning not refrigeration, should let professionals to help you repair or view, are not recommended for laypeople processing, each air conditioner added amount is different, as there will be on the air conditioner itself are added amount of labels, how many kinds of snow, like how much fluoride. This will not, can let the professionals to teach you once, will next time. Gree frequency conversion air conditioning and snow kind of - Into method first, open air conditioning and refrigeration. So the machine is in in often work ( Open the indoor machine panel, remove the filter, found that part of the evaporator dew or frost. Is caused by a lack of refrigerant) ; Open the machine and the small nut connecting pipe triangle valve ( Not next to the one that Allen the self-contained orifice, the size of the tube on the side of each have a hex self-contained silk is air conditioning when switching the snow kind of use. Usually don't have to) ; Connecting pipe connect with and snow ( With fluorine filling hose connection refrigerant cylinders, repairs and tables and fluorine filling mouth, remove tube and air) ; Snow boot pressure probably add 4. 5 - 5. 5 mpa. Add after, screw on the nuts, cover. Usually the size of the tube on the side of each have a hex is air conditioning when switching the self-contained silk snow with, at ordinary times normal and snow is don't have to twist the two inner hexagon self-contained silk, have individual is to twist Allen reduce the self-contained ( Premise is manufacturer in maintenance mouth without air conditioning to twist a thimble, encounter this kind of air-conditioning system, and snow of connecting pipe connected and then big pipe hexagon self-contained silk just to twist one two laps and snow, tubular, adds to twist back down again and snow kind of connecting pipe. Today introduced how to add snow kind for you, you understand? Snow is to make sure the elements of air conditioning refrigeration, air conditioning use generally within a few years is not short of fluorine, if the lack of fluorine may consider whether machine leakage fluorine, you will need to contact the after-sales personnel to operate, you in the case of not clear don't you add fluoride, in order to avoid has a safe hidden trouble, also can cause fluorine plus more, cause the damage to the machine.
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