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Why can air-condition freon refrigeration, freon is what?

by:Arkool     2020-05-09
Why can add freon refrigeration air conditioning, freon is what? Finish up the knowledge. Believe that a lot of friends in the summer are very like to blow air conditioning, the principal is not exceptional also, every time I come back from the outside into the shade of a thing to do is open air conditioning, because of the hot summer blowing air conditioning eating watermelon is too comfortable really, how should I find it hard to imagine life without air conditioning, but believes that many friends all like me, there is a question, that is air conditioning refrigeration is general by freon, so why add freon refrigeration, air conditioning freon is what? Finish up the knowledge, the following let's know. First of all, we all know that air conditioning and fan is the biggest different is air conditioning wind temperature is controllable, basically in the 16 - Can freely switch between 28 ℃, and the electric fan is increased to achieve the purpose of the cooling air flow, air conditioning can blow out the cold wind, the biggest 'contributor' is the refrigerant, namely we often say that freon, freon is a kind of chemicals, can use this chemical as refrigerant, mainly because it is a relatively stable chemical properties, it is a colorless, odorless gas or liquid at room temperature, non-toxic or low toxic, compared to other chemical instability of refrigerant, freon has been widely used, so this kind of how the refrigerant refrigeration? Believe that most friends all know that air conditioning generally divided into machine within and outside the machine, but the machine and the machine has the professional title, condenser and evaporator, respectively. First compressor to compress liquid freon into high temperature and high pressure of freon, then send to the air conditioning machine ( Condenser) Freon at this time in the condenser will be continuously under the action of heat dissipation, eventually turned into liquid freon, so we feel is outside the air conditioning machine in hot air. Liquid freon will then be sent to the evaporator, the liquid freon will turn into a low-temperature vaporization of freon, through indoor machine blowing, vaporizing freon absorb most of the calories in indoor air, so will reduce indoor temperature. The air cooled evaporator can form water droplets, finally suitable in pipes into indoor, so this is the main reason for the air conditioning water will flow out, finish see whether you understand? But compared with complex air conditioning refrigeration principle, in fact life also have a lot of ways to realize the cooling, for example: we can put a basin of water in front of the fan, water evaporation after the hot air will gradually, the principle of it is like to boil water. When we start the electric fan can keep moisture evaporates, the water vapor in the air will continue endothermic, finally through the fan blowing out of the wind is cold. Air conditioning can refrigeration because refrigerant ( Freon) , it is a kind of chemicals, through its own attribute will indoor air temperature is reduced, so can achieve the goal of refrigeration, once the air conditioning did not have the refrigerant, then blow out the wind and fan is similar, actually watching the rising knowledge.
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